Things to put in your dorm room?

Libby Wilderman asked a question: Things to put in your dorm room?
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What you really need in your dorm room // college dorm essentials giveaway

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Room Needs/Storage

  • Bedside lamp.
  • Alarm clock/clock radio.
  • Mini trash can.
  • Storage bins.
  • Under-the-bed storage trays.
  • Desk lamp.
  • Fan.
  • Drying rack for laundry.

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How to hang up stuff in your dorm : back to school: dorm life

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Whether you want to make a personal statement or bring a little bit of home with you, decorating your dorm is one of the more fun aspects of moving to college. String up lights, put up posters, hang cool banners, or slap some decals on the wall. There’s plenty of options to make your dorm room unique.

Dorm Room Must Haves for Bedroom 1. Memory Foam Mattress Topper. LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress... Spoiler alert – college dorm beds... 2. Comforter/Duvet set. Urban Habitat Duvet Set 100% Cotton Jacquard,... Your comforter/duvet set is gonna set the tone... 3. Sheets. Amazon ...

Here’s a guide to 25 things you better have on your packing list for your dorm room! What you should DEF bring: 1. Bedside table that clips on. This is a place you’ll more than likely put your phone and other things you’ll maybe need in the middle of the night. You’ll also might have your bed lifted up higher and you won’t want to climb up and down a million times.

In a college dorm, an air freshener is your friend. This one from Caldrea smells lightly woody and herbal, not overly floral — and it's perfect for spritzing around your room to make it smell cleaner than it actually is. This considerable 16-fluid-ounce bottle is also sure to last you quite a while.

BEST DORM ROOM IDEAS 1. Store your Shoes in an Ottoman. This dorm room idea helps you save space and provide an extra area where friends can... 2. Use Wall Organizers for Jewelry. Jewelry is one of the hardest things to properly organize and store, as a result a... 3. Put T-shirts On Hanging ...

Your dorm won't allow you to have pets, but they never said anything about keeping a small living organism inside something shaped like an animal — #hack. Get the planter for $7.99+ (available in...

30 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Dorm Room 1 Ear Plugs. Whether you're trying to study while everyone else is blasting music or you're struggling to sleep thanks... 2 Waterproof Mattress Encasement. From bed bugs to bacteria, there's no shortage of things that can sneak into the... 3 Lap ...

Living room rug; Small dining room table and chairs (if room) Extra blankets; Wall art; Mirrors; Shelving; Bookcase; Books ; Picture frames; Bulletin boards; Plants ; Extra baskets for holding things; Miscellaneous. Alarm clock or clock radio, if not using phone; White noise machine; Extra fan; Broom and dust pan; Waste basket; Coat hanger; Scissors ; Sports equipment; Sewing kit

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