Tips for castle sieges?

Kenny Hagenes asked a question: Tips for castle sieges?
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Top 10 age of empires: castle siege tips & tricks

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Undead Tips:

  1. Leap efficiently. For Ghoul leap, in most maps you are able to infiltrate the castle by leaping over defenders, fences, and walls…
  2. Pick up arrows with Skeleton…
  3. Use zombie when carrying TNT…
  4. Kill All Horses…
  5. Break All Fences or only break side fences…
  6. Kill defenders using TNT…
  7. Shoot King using Arrows.

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Becastled gameplay w/ commentary | first impressions | defend our castle from sieges!

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Archers plays a big part in a siege,the chance of victory of the attacker and the defender rely on their archers. if you have little money. Separate your missile units from the main army,let the missile units attack the castle. Kill the enemy missile units,and then try to harm their melee units in the castle.

I suck so much at castle sieges haha I cant figure out any good ways to attack. Anyone got any tips?

Undermining - Digging a tunnel under the castle in an attempt to either gain entry or more often in an attempt to collapse a tower or part of the castle wall. Politics and Trickery - All kinds of mental tools were used and some of them could be considered psychological warfare.

Medieval Sieges Surround and starve. The invading army surrounded the castle and cut off its supplies of food and water with the hope of... Scale the walls. The invaders would set huge scaling ladders against the castle's outer curtain wall. Invading soldiers... Ram the doors. If an invading army ...

Your goal is to eliminate the enemy army, but it can be achieved by a number of ways. The best method is to simply stay inside of the walls and prevent the enemy from breaking through, capturing and holding the control point. You should divide your army into a number of groups and send them to different sections of the fortress.

Those inside the castle were generally offered good terms of surrender. Sieges were expensive to maintain, and attacking armies were often keen to avoid drawn-out hostilities if possible. However, even within the same conflict, different castles were offered very different terms of surrender.

Castle Sieges is a part of PvP content for clans in Lineage 2. Owning a castle is beneficiary (taxes, castle skills, exclusive shop). Sieges take place in the following castles: Gludio Castle, Dion Castle, Giran Castle, Oren Castle, Aden Castle.

-treat your garrison troops as expendable and make sure they are the ones taking the casualties. This lets 1 castle resist army after army without reinforcements. -yari ashigaru in yari wall are beasts. Use this in 3 ways depending upon the situation. 1) Place at the base of the outer wall on a small fort with archer support above.

Castle Sieges - Rules, Tactics, Rewards. Sieges are a very important part of any online game. Black Desert is not an exception. Sieges are huge and spectacular here. Many people are fighting between each other to capture a castle and take ownership of the territory around it. Important: There are 2 types of sieges: castle sieges and territory ...

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Bannerlord online new roadmap (clans, desert lands, castle sieges)