Townhouses vs apartments: which is right for me?



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The main difference between apartments and townhouses is size. Townhouses tend to be larger—often with two or more bedrooms. They are typically on more than one level, unlike apartments, which are rarely on more than one level… Overall, a townhouse is closer in look and feel to a traditional house than an apartment.

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If you want to conquer the final frontier and get more space for your family to live in comfortably, houses offer far more room to move than apartments. Outdoor space. If you have a green thumb ...

It's likely updated and well-kept because the owner has more incentive to do so – they may have even previously lived in the condo, and they want the property value to remain high. If the condo is looking sharp, then it’ll be easier to rent, and the owner can charge more for an updated condo than for a lackluster one.

Which is Better for Me, a Townhouse or an Apartment? Townhouses and apartments are both solid choices for renters. Focus on what's essential to you. If enjoying more space to spread out in a quieter setting with great amenities is vital to your comfort, a townhouse is a great choice. An apartment or condo is likely the better choice if you crave living in the middle of the action.

How to choose between townhouses and apartments? It’s not just about the price tag, but you also need to consider lifestyle, location and other aspects. Felix Cheung, our Head of Sales, International Residential and Michael Wong, Senior Sales Consultant will give you guidance on choosing between the two and an introduction to some new, exciting projects.

The Townhouse vs. Apartment Debate Closer look #1: Space in an apartment versus space in a townhouse. This is a really obvious thing to say, but it needs to be said: An 800-square-foot apartment has the same space as an 800-square-foot townhouse. The different layouts between the two may make it seem as though there’s a big discrepancy.

Townhouse: Down payment, monthly mortgage payment and HOA fees: Unit and property it sits on: Those who want more space than a condo, but not the responsibilities of a house: Apartment

The sense of community can be vastly different between the types of dwellings. Single-family homes make it easier and more likely that folks will keep to themselves, while townhouses invite a strong sense of community and togetherness. This also means townhome neighbors may be more apt to look out for each other when needed.

You may want more room and autonomy over your living space. Or you may prefer the conveniences of apartment living, particularly in a complex that provides many services and features, like gyms, pools or media rooms. Here are four things to consider as you decide between a house or apartment: 1. Cost

A townhouse is right for people who want some involvement when it comes to maintaining their homes but do not want the responsibility of owning and maintaining a large lot. What Is a Condo?

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