Uconn dorm dimensions?

Arthur Ratke asked a question: Uconn dorm dimensions?
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Single Room Dimensions: 8' 6" x 12' 6" Double Room Dimensions: 15' 6" x 12'

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The room sizes are bigger than the other traditional buildings. There are single sex and co-ed floors as well as the following learning communities: Business Connections, Connecting with the Arts, Fine Arts, Humanities, Human Rights and Action, La Comunidad Intelectual, Leadership and Honors.

Room Dimensions: 11' x 14' (standard double room) Room Furnishings: Desk and chair, small bureau, wardrobe and a bed (1 per student) Beds: 80" x 36" (XL twin), loftable and bunkable

HOUSE JEFFERSON HOUSE COLT. 0254B UConn Towers Building 2 -Colt- 03. UP. DN. UP. DN. REVISED: 08/18/17 BY: B. WHOOLEYB. WHOOLEY. 301. 162sf. 302. 162sf. 303. 158sf ...

Residential Life Main Office. Whitney Hall - Garden Level 1346 Storrs Road, Unit 4238 Storrs, CT 06269-4238 Phone: (860) 486-2926 Fax: (860) 486-6191 . View this page in a different language/accessibility format

The Ultimate Guide to UConn's Residence Halls. Fall semester is just around the corner – with only T minus 11 days til move in and the recent release of housing assignments, everyone is anxious to see the dorms they were placed in. (Yes, I’m looking at you, freshmen.) As a new upperclassman looking back, I wish I had a guide to tell me all ...

Full Size. Charter Oak/Hilltop Apartments - Four Bedroom/Four Person and Two Bedroom/Two Person. Hilltop Apartments - Single Efficiency. *Students who are unsure of their housing assignment when they are visible in MyHousing should email [email protected] prior to purchasing bed linens.

Freshmen Housing Options. The housing options for first year students are designed to help provide a smooth transition to UConn Nation. From additional professional Hall Directors in each area as well as Resident Assistants (RAs) throughout the halls, these areas help students find community when they arrive!

Welcome to Towers Quadrangle Allen, Beecher, Colt, Fenwick, Hamilton, Jefferson, Keller, Kingston, Lafayette, Morgan, Sherman, Sousa, Trumbull, Vinton, Wade & Webster Towers is a vibrant community comprised of mostly first students. Students who live in Towers find an environment that is con ...

Alumni. Size of rooms- 8/10 (Fairly large) Proximity to campus- 8/10 (Close) Includes Business Learning Community. Grade - 9/10. Alumni is a pretty good place to live as a freshman as its rooms are fairly large compared to other housing that almost require you to have lofted beds if you want space.

Okay students, and parents of students, dorm rooms are notoriously small: they’re typically smaller than 130 square feet, and on average, they’re normally even smaller than that. To put that into terms that are easier to understand, dorm rooms are normally one combined kitchen, living room and bedroom, and a tiny separate bathroom.

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