Umass boston dorm problems?

Mariana Homenick asked a question: Umass boston dorm problems?
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  • The private firm that designed and built UMass Boston 's first-ever dormitory is standing by its work. Residents have raised concerns about their first two months in the dorm — including faulty plumbing, lax security and a frightening plunge in an elevator. The issues were first reported in The Boston Globe.

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UMass Boston's Office of Housing and Residential Life is here to help you with both your on- and off-campus housing needs. To ensure the health and safety of our faculty, students, staff, and surrounding community, UMass Boston will continue to operate in hybrid fashion, with the majority of courses held remotely for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year.

BOSTON (WHDH/AP) — The University of Massachusetts Boston is promising to fix a litany of problems at the longtime commuter school’s first on-campus dormitory.

Have an easy commute to class and activities: Be in class in minutes and in the middle of campus life. Returning students will have the opportunity to return as a resident for their second year! Housing fees include your room, furniture, building amenities, utilities, and in-building events. Housing fees are separate from your UMass Boston bill ...

UMass Boston awarded $1.4 million in Campus Living Grants to Pell eligible students, on top of their regular financial aid packages. Running from about $4,350 per student per semester for a four-person room with a private bathroom to $5,450 for a double room with a private bathroom, the dormitories themselves are pristine.

UMass Boston's new dorms are not off to a great start. University officials are vowing to get to the bottom of reports of malfunctioning plumbing, lax security, and a host of other issues.

UMass-Boston’s dorms grappling with a lot of problems Students in the campus’ first-ever dorms say some parts are downright dangerous, others less than ideal By Tom Acitelli @tomacitelli Nov ...

As students report problems with UMass Boston's first dorm, the firm that built the dorm -- and university administrators -- are responding.

The issues, according to the student residents, include water leaks or no hot water at all, dining hall food that they argue is undercooked and elevators that drop suddenly.

The two dorm buildings highlight one of UMass Boston’s most valuable assets: real estate. The campus is situated in Dorchester at the edge of Boston Harbor and the luckiest of students have commanding waterfront views. From an 11 th floor student lounge there’s also a birds-eye view of a campus in transition. New steel and glass buildings create a juxtaposition with the hulking red-brick structures that are the hallmark of the original 1970’s campus.

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