Uva dorm cost?

Colleen Price asked a question: Uva dorm cost?
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  • The typical student paid $6,720 for housing and $5,230 for dining in 2019 - 2020. The table below shows the anticipated costs of both on-campus and off-campus housing and meal plans for University of Virginia - Main Campus.

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As a PhD researcher, you can secure PhD Housing for up to four years through UvA’s housing service. Find out about eligibility, costs, and how to apply.

Students who were charged full-time tuition for the fall 2020 term will not be charged tuition for their January Term 2021 class. The cost for books, supplies, and other costs for January term is $580.

Visit our Start Here page for an overview of student finances at UVA. Our Billing and Due Dates page is updated each term for most programs at the University. Our Cost of Attendance page contains estimates of all the components of attending the University, including tuition and fees, housing, dining, personal expenses, books, and travel.

Yen and Hoxton Houses are situated next to Alumni Hall on Sprigg Lane, with double- and single-occupancy rooms available. Some singles have a private bath, but most share a bath. All double rooms share a bath. Kitchens and study lounges are provided within the complex.

This amount allows for 9 loads monthly (9 wash and 9 dry loads, or any combination up to 18 loads). Families are given a red card that has an allotment of $49 per month. This amount allows for 14 loads per month (14 wash and 14 dry loads, or any combination up to 28 loads).

In your first year, you begin your UVA experience in on-Grounds housing, much of which has just been renovated, expanded or built. Centrally located, student residential communities are in close proximity to state-of-the-art fitness centers, contemporary dining facilities and virtually all academic classrooms.

Some UVA construction geniuses decided to put Kellogg right on top of a hill and make poor little first years climb up there to live in the dorm for a year. But don’t worry too much about Mount Kellogg’s altitude because there’s a

For the 2021-2022 academic year, all first-year students must live on Grounds. If you believe your extraordinary circumstances (such as being non-traditionally aged or being a parent) qualify you for consideration to live off-Grounds, please send your request to [email protected]

One microwave and one small refrigerator per bedroom, or one combination microfridge unit per bedroom. You may rent a microfridge from the UVA Bookstore. You may also bring your own combination microfridge, or bring a separate microwave (1200 watts or less) and/or refrigerator (5.0 cubic ft. or less).

First-year students pay the same rate ($6,810 for academic year 2021-2022) regardless of which residence area they live in, or whether they are assigned to a single, double or triple room. More information is available in our First-Year Housing FAQ and What to Bring FAQ. * Does not include Transfer or Graduate students.

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