Uvm dorm checklist?

Kurtis Maggio asked a question: Uvm dorm checklist?
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  • Air conditioners (all models)
  • Amplified sound equipment
  • Candles or incense
  • Cooking appliances (toaster, drip coffee pot, hot plate, panini press, rice cooker, etc.)
  • Hoverboards
  • Exposed heating elements (sun lamps, hot plates, space heaters)
  • Extra furniture that would crowd your room & create a fire hazard
  • Faceplate or octopus-style extension cords

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Grills (all kinds, including electric grills) Halogen lamps and halogen light bulbs. Mercury thermometers. Microwaves above 700 watts. Pets (except fish in a 10-gallon aquarium or service/comfort animals approved by Student Accessibility Services) Sorry, family and friends may not bring pets into the halls.

Most beds can be lofted or bunked—adjustable under-bed clearance ranges from 3" to 69". Sorry, no furniture storage: all furniture must remain in your room. Any missing items will be billed to your student account at the end of the year. No furniture or bed ends can be left in hallway due to fire-code regulations.

As any student at UVM can tell you, every dorm (whether it’s on Trinity, Redstone, Central, or Athletic campus) is an experience of its own. Every incoming freshman is beyond anxious to get a rooming assignment and can be placed in any of the 32 dorms on campus.

ARRIVING IN AUGUST 2021?YOUR ON-CAMPUS HOUSING TIMELINE:February 8-May 8: Access and review your housing and meal plan contract at housing.uvm.edu. Explore Learning Community options and rank preferences on your contract.Friday, May 21: Check your email for your Learning Community placement and specific move-in date.

Students in traditional-style rooms can have one guest per occupant of the room, and everyone must wear masks. Students in suite-style rooms, defined as spaces with a shared common room, can have two guests per suite (not per resident). Everyone must wear masks. Guests must be current UVM students living on campus.

All student rooms and common areas have wi-fi (wireless) access. Each student room has two Ethernet jacks, and residents can connect to the UVM network either way. For optimal speed when streaming & for gaming, we recommend you bring a 25-foot Ethernet cable. Due to network security, routers, hubs, sniffers, or wireless access points are not allowed.

If you or your student has never been in a residence hall room, you may be wondering what to bring on move-in day. We have compiled a list of items to bring, which is available on our website here. Please note this list is specific to Residence Halls (Cambridge, Purin, RiverView and Sandburg).

Give to UVM. Explore ways to give and areas to support; Apply, Visit, View Majors. Apply to UVM; Visit Campus; Majors, Programs, Colleges and Schools; After Graduation. Graduate Outcomes; Stay Connected; Career Planning

Maybe you got lucky and ended up in a dorm with its own bathroom, or maybe you’re now sharing a bathroom with twenty people in your building (been there!). Regardless of your setup, here’s everything you need to pack to feel clean, prepared, and comfortable with your college bathroom setup. And yes, shower shoes are 100% necessary. Air freshener

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