Villa group timeshare ,beware!!! - timeshare scam?

Barbara Harber asked a question: Villa group timeshare ,beware!!! - timeshare scam?
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Timeshare, beware! timeshare rescue - abcnews

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Villa Group Timeshare Resale Scam

These type of companies are fraudulent, fake, and they illegally operate to scam you. The Villa Group timeshare resale scam starts off with a scammer that will convince a timeshare membership owner that they have an actual buyer that is very interested in purchasing their timeshare.

Video answer: Timeshare, beware! timeshare rescue abcnews

Timeshare, beware! timeshare rescue abcnews

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Yes, The Villa Group is a genuine and reputable timeshare company that doesn’t scam their members, but outside parties have claimed that they represent the Villa Group Resort and attempt to misrepresent themselves in hopes of duping innocent victims.

Villa Group Timeshare ,BEWARE!!! Timeshare Scams and Fraud | 09 Apr 2015 | 30 comments. Timeshare resorts usually hire aggressive salespeople to sell their timeshares, and thousands of travelers have fallen for the tricky sales tactics used by numerous timeshare developers in Mexico. The Villa Group is one of the many fraudulent timeshare ...

The Villa Group Timeshares doesn’t operate or scam people, but there are outside parties that claim they are representing the Villa Group Timeshares in order to scam people. We have provided some very important tips and information below so you can be protected from being involved in a Villa Group timeshare scam.

Rest assured that the Villa Group is a legitimate and reputable timeshare provider that does not operate scams themselves. However, the risk for becoming a victim of a Villa Group timeshare scam comes from outside parties that claim to work for the resort by misrepresenting themselves to their potential victims.

Contrary to what the real scammers want you to believe, the Villa Group timeshare company, like many of its legitimate competitors, is not a scam. Timeshare cancellation and resale companies are plowing lots of money into misrepresenting the top timeshare companies in the hopes of attracting timeshare members to their fraudulent cancellation services.

What kinds of Villa Group timeshare scams do I need to beware? As previously mentioned, there is no scam with Villa Group directly. However, you should beware resale scams of Villa Group products as well as bogus sellers who might try to sell you Villa Group products at locations other than a Villa Group resort. The trick is to only purchase directly from the Villa Group and the chances of a scam are zero!

Some Villa Group scams target existing members by pretending to be timeshare resale lawyers who have a buyer, keen to purchase the timeshare. They usually try to hook people with the promise of profit before charging a huge “processing fee”.

If so, then Villa Group timeshare ownership is an excellent way to do that and it’s a great investment. They have COVID protocols set up at their resorts so that vacation club members and guests are safe to enjoy themselves. Remember, you should only work with reputable timeshare providers. You know the timeshare scams to avoid in 2021.

While very uncommon, unfortunately, Villa Group timeshare scams have occurred to some unsuspecting owners who were taken advantage of by outside, third-party fraudsters. Villa Group is a reputable and well-respected company that does not practice or operate timeshare scams themselves, but outside parties can try to scam unsuspecting victims who are not in the know.

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