Villa or apartment: what to choose and why?

Kellen Harvey asked a question: Villa or apartment: what to choose and why?
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Villas gives you the feel of an independent house while still providing the benefits of housing societies… Better long term investment: As long term investments (seven years or more) villas often yield better returns when compared to apartments. Villa prices appreciate at a much higher rate than apartments.

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While buying a plot of land gives you a bigger sense of ownership, an apartment offers greater security. Read on to know what's best for you.

Why You Should Rent A Villa. 1. No immediate neighbours disturbing you. Have you ever struggled to sleep because of the people making too much noise in the adjoining hotel room? Get up on the right side of the bed every day with a villa rental with no unwanted disturbance from other residents. 2.

To balance of size and affordability, consider a townhouse, duplex or villa. Normally attached on one or more sides and sometimes strata titled, these options are cheaper than free-standing houses.

Apartments vs villas: Basic differences Apartment projects generally comprise of high-rise structures, offering living spaces in varying configurations. Villas, on the other hand, are luxury independent residences and in constructing these units, the developers lose out on marketing and selling valuable floor space index (FSI).

An apartment has a wider buyer base compared to villas or independent homes. One reason is the lower price, especially in cities where flats may be the only affordable option. But many home buyers...

Before deciding between Dubai apartments or villas, determine the rent you can afford to pay Your budget is the most crucial factor in the decision on renting apartments vs villas in Dubai. On the whole, villas tend to command a higher rental price than apartments in Dubai.

As far as security goes, apartments seem to be the better choice. Some apartment buildings have security guards and a lot of them feature secure front doors which can only be opened with a code or card. Also, it’s less likely for a potential thief to go unnoticed when there are so many neighbors everywhere around you.

While some opt for apartments, others prefer independent houses. Usually, properties having sky-high rates in metros compel most homebuyers to look at apartments as their preferred choice. These come slightly cheaper than independent property which could be in the form of a villa or an assortment of floors built on a plot.

Apartment living takes the stress and complications out of moving with ease. 7. Great Community. Although a close community can happen in a housing neighborhood, the opportunities for it in an apartment complex are greater. With close proximity to your neighbors and ample opportunity to spend time together, apartment living creates a closer community.

Apartments suit time-poor buyers because owners corporations maintain common property. Houses usually have higher council rates and insurance, and cost more to heat and cool. Apartments have strata fees that cover management of the complex, including shared facilities such as pools or gyms.

Choose the best option after analysing your needs, financial abilities and liabilities. If you are merely looking to invest your funds for a few years until you are ready to invest in a flat, a...

From cost to conveniences, here’s a list of the top five things to evaluate before renting your next home. 5. The amenities. An apartment’s included amenities should be low on your priority list, but they’re still worth considering.

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