What are irish thatched cottages made of?

Lucinda Lehner asked a question: What are irish thatched cottages made of?
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Irish Cottage Roofs

The materials used for thatching varied according to the regions produce, in areas with good arable land it was oaten or wheaten straw, other materials included heather, rushes, marram grass and flax where there was linen industry.

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The Irish thatched cottage is based on a simple rectangular plan. The walls were built with stones found locally, pieced together in interlocking fashion, then covered with a mud plaster before being white washed. As you all know, there was no shortage of these stones in the west of Ireland. Thatched Cottage, Raheny, Dublin

On top of this went the straw thatch, derived from a variety of materials such as wheat and flax, carefully cut and threaded by a thatcher in either the slice or sketch style.

Irish Cottage History. Although it seems cottages have been around forever, they are a relatively recent occurrence dating back to around the 1700’s. Prior to that, our ancestors lived in round hut style dwellings built of wattle and daub, these dwellings would be built together in a community and surrounded by a ‘moat’ type defense mechanism.

Irish thatched cottages are the products of centuries of history and tradition, passed down through the generations. The materials used in construction varied depending on the era, region, and ...

Thatched houses are quaint and beautiful. Simple in design, the indigenous materials of which they are composed invariably blend in a very satisfactory way into the environment. They are personalised and individualised by location and craftsmanship.

Built of stone or clay, whitewashed and thatched, they are characterised by steep pitched roofs to keep out the rain. The climate of Ireland has had a huge influence on cottage design. The thatched roofs of the wild northwest coast featured raised stone gables and the thatch was additionally secured with rope.

There are diverse building techniques from the ancient Hawaiian hale shelter made from the local ti leaves (Cordyline fruticosa), lauhala (Pandanus tectorius) or pili grass (Heteropogon contortus). The multi-tiered Meru towers of Besakih temple, Bali, uses black ijuk fibres. Palm leaves are also often used.

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