What did people use to break into castles?

Floyd Zulauf asked a question: What did people use to break into castles?
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A battering ram is a designed to break the gates or walls of a castle through repeated heavy impacts. The first rams were large tree trunks carried by hand and crashed into the wall as hard as possible. Later more sophisticated siege engines were built with wheels that enclosed the ram under an arrow-proof roof.

  • The use of gunpowder and tunnelling allowed parts of the castle to be destroyed while the main force concentrated on using siege weapons for the attack. A petard was an early type of bomb, which could be powerful enough to destroy a castle gate or entrance.

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Battering Rams: They were large mechanical objects, often on wheels that were used to ram the walls and doors of a castle in an attempt to break them down. Often times battering rams were part of a siege tower.

The Battering Ram were used to literally 'batter' down, pound, punch, shake and drill into the walls of the castle The Ballista was similar to a Giant Crossbow and worked by using tension when launching missiles

Battlements were walls on the roof of a castle. They had higher walls, called merlons, with lower gaps between, called crenels. Defenders would use crossbows to shoot arrows through the crenels,and...

The battering ram was used to destroy the gates or walls of a castle. It would be hidden under a wooden roof to protect the men who controlled it and mounted on wheels so that it could be moved into position. The Cat. The cat or sow was a wooden shed mounted on wheels.

A probe has been launched after a castle raider used a mechanical saw to break into a medieval Scots fortress. The main door to Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven, was badly damaged during the ...

If an invading army could break down the castle gate, they could enter the castle relatively easily.So they'd use battering rams (large wooden logs) to pound against the gate (or sometimes the castle walls) and eventually break it. Some battering rams were covered to shield the invading soldiers from the defenders' arrow fire and thrown objects.

The moat surrounding formidable Caerphilly Castle in Wales. However, in Medieval times, everything would have smelled terrible – so the vile moat wouldn’t in itself have put off attackers! The moat served a number of useful purposes. Firstly, it meant that attackers couldn’t get too close to the outer castle walls.

The castle gatehouse was one of the most defensive parts of any medieval fortress. It was a strong, fortified building positioned to defend the entrance to a castle. Gatehouses usually contained multiple traps and obstacles to foil any intruder. These traps included vast metal portcullises, and infamous murder holes.

Materials used to build castles include earth, wood and stone. Motte-and-bailey castles were made of earth and wood, but due to weaknesses in these castles, stone castles were created. Motte-and bailey-castles were built on a motte, which is a man-made hill. The bailey, a name for a large area of land, was next to the motte and was the site of ...

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