What do you need to know about midnight castle?

Johnson Gulgowski asked a question: What do you need to know about midnight castle?
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  • Uncover them all in Midnight Castle! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game.


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Questions about Midnight Castle are frequently asked by players. If you have a question, there’s a good chance that many other players have it too. If you don’t see your question here, contact me. I’ll answer and add it to the list! Why can’t I gift some of my friends? Look to see if there’s an arrow on the right side of your friend’s gift card. If there is none, they have nothing on their wish list. Players take down their wish list by removing all items from it. They do it for ...

To progress in the game, you’ll need a steady supply of coins, diamonds, shards, and stamps. Although you can receive stamps from friends, coins, diamonds and shards must be earned.

The Dice Game can be unlocked in the Tavern by spending coins (G). This is another method of acquiring coins in Midnight Castle. New opponents with higher wagers will be unlocked as you progress through the game. Choose your opponent here (H).

Before we get to the pros and cons of Midnight Castle, we must first say that Midnight Castle is not the most exciting game in terms of story. As the boring title of the game might have suggested, you are going to explore a midnight castle. Ironically, despite its name, you will have to spend most of the time in your first two or three weeks of playing ‘outside’ the castle as it takes literally forever to get inside.

You can update Midnight Castle right from the Big Fish Games app (Game Manager). Just open the the Big Fish Games app and follow these steps: Do I need to be online to play Midnight Castle? Yes, the game requires an active internet connection at all times because your game information is stored online on our servers.

Why You Need to Know Chest Percentages. Once you become familiar with the pets you have and which ones give gold chests versus the amount of food they use, you can prevent wasting food on pets that do not reward as well or use up too much food. Crafting or achieving pets can cost a lot in time and resources, so make smart decisions when ...

You can access the craft laboratory from the 2nd to the last icon on the right lower screen. When following instructions from a quest, you’ll frequently land in the lab. You must gather the required materials to craft an item — usually coins, HOS or ZZ items, and stamps.

Chests: 10% wood, 10% iron, 30% silver, 50% gold. Autumn Fox. Even the sharpest eyes could miss this fox amongst the autumn leaves. Fall 2020 event. 8 simple food. Craft: 45 autumn eggs, 10 pet medallions, 8,000 coins, 30 plain stamps, 18 unusual stamps. Sleep time: 3 hours. Chests: 30% iron, 40% silver, 30% gold.

For example: If you need to collect 14 items for a HOS you can do 4/4/3/3 or 5/5/4. Even doing 7/7 will slow the experience progression of the HOS. The time bonus rule of the Slow method can be ignored and so most HOS will be completed in under a minute and so are less boring. This method balances out the advantages and disadvantages of the other two and hopefully creating a more enjoyable game.

Midnight Castle - A Hidden Object Mystery Game Answers for iPhone - iPad Home ... Publisher: Big Fish Games; Genre: Puzzle; Release: Mar 19, 2014; Platform: iPhone - iPad; ESRB: Not Set; Question & Answers. Don't know what to do with Magic Shards? I have a large number of magic shards and don't know how to use them! I am at level 35 and don't use the different rooms or craft pets nor have friends. I also dislike the constant demand for money at this level and don't want to buy any! The game ...

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