What does an average college dorm room look like?

Lurline Yundt asked a question: What does an average college dorm room look like?
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Traditional rooms generally have a twin size bed, a desk, a closet, and a dresser for each roommate. Some traditional rooms have in-room sinks or small attached bathrooms, but many opt to just have communal bathrooms for the floor. Suite style and apartment style dorms are becoming more popular on college campuses.

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The sofas, the air-conditioner and the heating system come with the room, but Mallory and Alyssa brought the TV set, the CD player and the bookshelf. Dandan kitchen with pizza. Our dorm room also ...

Okay students, and parents of students, dorm rooms are notoriously small: they’re typically smaller than 130 square feet, and on average, they’re normally even smaller than that. To put that into terms that are easier to understand, dorm rooms are normally one combined kitchen, living room and bedroom, and a tiny separate bathroom.

Most first-year dorms have suites for three to six students. Suites contain from two to four bedrooms and a common room. A few have their own baths, though most share a bathroom with other suites. The First-Year Experience Office assigns students to suites rather than to particular bedrooms, and in almost any suite students should expect to share a ...

Taking tiny, modular living to the next level, these miniature, stacked abodes by architect Mart de Jong for the University of Utrecht are like no other dorm we’ve seen before. Designed with the intention of offering students a flexible, low-cost housing option, each colorful cube comes with its own kitchen and bathroom, and only cost about $80 a month to rent!

The Classic Fireplace. Exactly what it sounds like. Sadly, it is boarded up to prevent foolish Harvard students from setting fire to their dorm rooms, but it's the presence that matters. Hope this gives you guys a better sense of the average Harvard dorm! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Typical Room Layouts. Traditional Hall Single. (click image for larger view) (click image for larger view) (click image for larger view) (click image for larger view)

When someone says the words, "college dorm room," the first things that come to is mind probably not luxury and comfort. More likely, the words evoke images of cramped rooms, beds resembling concrete slabs, and horrifying communal bathrooms. Some colleges are trying to change that.

A Typical Dorm Room. All rooms are the same size; they measure approximately 16’ x 12’. Each person has a lofted bed with a full desk top underneath, along with two three drawer pedestals and a two position chair. Each person also has a three drawer chest and a built-in wardrobe/closet with hanging space and four drawers.

Bed Bath & Beyond. College dorm shopping requires planning out an inventory of items that are space-savvy, pragmatic, and durable. With school back in full swing, students will be busy juggling schoolwork and social lives: their dorm rooms should be cool, yet comfortable enough to lounge and study in. From bed risers that double as outlets to a ...

My Room is very… unique. Each wall is covered with something to look at. There’s creativity all around. I can be mature and kiddish all at the same time. It's my room, so I decided to be both! I have a lot of Pennywise things in my room. Four in t...

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