What does the monster observe in the cottage?



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In the morning, he discovers that he can see into the cottage through a crack in the wall and observes that the occupants are a young man, a young woman, and an old man.

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The most transformative thing the creature learns from the De Lacey family is the sense of belonging that arises from being part of a family. As he spies on the family from a distance, he watches ...

What did the monster see in the sky that gave him pleasure? The Moon. How was the monster able to observe the family in the cottage? through small cracks in the hut and an old boarded window behind the cottage: From what physical handicap did the old man suffer? He was blind. What were the names of the people in the cottage? (first and last if given)

The monster realizes that he doesn't belong, and that he never can. But he also learns through his observations at the cottage that he is a creature capable of human emotions and empathy. To ...

Undetected, he makes the hovel his home, and observes the inhabitants of the cottage for a considerable period of time, learning from them the manifestations of love and family interactions ...

By observing the De Lacey family, the creature has learned that life is best shared with people who care for each other. He has lacked any meaningful human connections for his entire existence....

Observes family in chottage doing chores, eating, music, emotion What does the creature learn about the people who live in the cottage? Old man is blind kids care for him

Now able to speak and understand the language perfectly, the monster learns about human society by listening to the cottagers’ conversations. Reflecting on his own situation, he realizes that he is deformed and alone. “Was I then a monster,” he asks, “a blot upon the earth, from which all men fled, and whom all men disowned?”

He does the jobs of the youth Felix like bringing wood for them and keeping it in their pile so that Felix would not have to go out every day to get wood for heir fire. He cleans the snow for them as well. But he clearly understands by then that he does not possess a good appearance and hence he does not show himself to the people of the cottage.

He fashions a way to see into the cottage and begins to observe the life of the De Lacey family — brother Felix, sister Agatha, and their blind father — who lives in the small home. Analysis The monster's beginnings are vague, as are the memories of most adults when they recall their childhood.

The monster also observes how they talk and communicate, ultimately informing him on how to talk. One specific cottager that had an effect on the monster was felix. The monster usually always observes felixs actions, and mainly learns from him that emotions are complicated no matter what situation. Like Like

What does the monster first observe about the family? He knows his appearance would scare them and he wants to Why does the monster decide to keep himself from the peasants in the cottage?

Through a chink in the wall, the Monster can see and hear everything that happens inside the cottage. He learns to speak by listening to the DeLaceys. When Felix DeLacey’s fiancée Safie arrives, the Monster is able to learn more: Safie is Turkish, and the Monster overhears Felix teaching her French as well as the history and politics of Europe.

Page Citation. Share Link. As the creature speaks to DeLacey, he begins to hope that he might yet win over the old man's sympathies, but when Felix, Agatha, and Safie return to the cottage sooner ...

How does the creature really seem to learn about human nature? What kinds of things does he observe? Observes family in chottage doing chores, eating, music, emotion

Review. Frankenstein's monster has been hiding in a hovel attached to a cottage throughout the winter, observing the humans within the cottage. Through the family in the cottage, the monster has ...

The monster’s growing understanding of the social significance of family is connected to his sense of otherness and solitude. The cottagers’ devotion to each other underscores Victor’s total abandonment of the monster; ironically, observing their kindness actually causes the monster to suffer, as he realizes how truly alone, and how far from being the recipient of such kindness, he is.

The monster learns the French language from the family and practices those words by himself. Desiring to keep his cottagers happy, the monster becomes an aid to the family by secretly hauling wood to the cottage and performing repairs, all under the cover of darkness.

The creature identifies with the simple comforts of the cottage and makes effort to emulate best he can those comfort within the walls of his hovel. He camouflages the walls as best he could so as...

What does the monster observe in the cottage? CHAPTER 12 1. Describe who lives in the cottage and the type of life they live. 2. What act of kindness does the monster do for the cottage's inhabitants? CHAPTER 13 1. Who is the lady on horseback, and what is her relationship to the cottagers? 2.

How does the Monster learn to speak and read? The Monster learns to speak by spying on the DeLacey family. He lives for over a year in a “hovel,” a small shed attached to the DeLaceys’ cottage. Through a chink in the wall, the Monster can see and hear everything that happens inside the cottage. He learns to speak by listening to the DeLaceys.

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