What dorms are in the 6 pack uiuc?

Frida Baumbach asked a question: What dorms are in the 6 pack uiuc?
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The Ikenberry North neighborhood contains six halls: Barton, Lundgren, Hopkins, Weston, Nugent, and the newest hall, Wassaja.

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Services. Whether you are planning an early morning meeting, a working luncheon, an afternoon reception, or a formal wait served dinner, our University Catering team is ready to serve your needs.

Shoutout to Memorial Stadium and the State Farm Center for being so close to the six-pack. You never had to worry about getting stuck behind the parade either! 6. Odds are, you were probably a social butterfly. If you were lucky enough to score living in the six-pack, you were blessed with a social dorm.

As the son of two alums, I'm under strict instructions to continue to refer to it as the 6-pack. It's kind of like a Sears vs. Willis Tower scenario, at least for my family. But the University refers to Hopkins, Barton, Lundgren, Nugent, and Weston as Ike North and Bousfield, Scott, Snyder, and Taft-Van Doren as Ike South. 21.

One of the newest Halls in the Six-pack is Wassaja hall, and is the best dorm on campus. The rooms are more spacious, and have semi-private bathrooms. The Ikenberry commons dorms have many LLCs to choose from if you’re interested. In general, the Ikenberry commons dining hall serves a wide variety of food, and is also home to 57 North (an A La Carte location on campus) and ‘Caffeinator’ to help with all your late-night study sessions, or early morning classes. All in all ...

Nugent and Bousfield are the newer high quality dorms, but I would think they have mostly non freshmen who don't party as hard. Snyder is substance free. Taft Van Doren, Lundgren, and Barton are technically part of Ike, but I don't think they are party hard. I think that only leaves you with Scott, Weston, and Hopkins. I'm pretty sure they're kinda similar.

With all the dorms so close to each other, you can easily visit a friend whenever you want! There's no need to worry about having to take a bus or walking a long distance just to say hi to your peers. 2. Ikenberry Commons is RIGHT THERE. Living in the Six Pack means its very convenient to grab a bite to eat. Since the Ikenberry Commons is so close, you have easy access to the dining hall (which is arguably the best one on campus), 57 North (which is basically a convenience store ...

Together with the Peabody Drive Residence Halls, the Gregory Drive Residence Halls form the "6 Pac", an undergraduate residence complex anchoring the south-west of campus. Opened in the fall of 1958, the complex was designed to hold 1,500 male students, bringing the University's total residence hall capacity to 2,294 men and 1,700 women.

6-pack tunnels. I just read online that there are tunnels that connect all the dorms in the 6-pack. And theres laundry and a rec room down there? Is this still a thing? I've lived in Hopkins all year and this is the first I've heard of it. 9 comments. share. save. hide. report. 50% Upvoted. This thread is archived . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best ...

Search within r/UIUC. r/UIUC. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 0. FRESHMAN DORM....HELLLPPPPP. Close. 0. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. FRESHMAN DORM....HELLLPPPPP. I am going to be starting classes in the fall at UIUC as a Biology major! I am a serious student but I love to have fun and be social. There are so many dorms to choose from so I need help! What dorms would be the best option ...

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