What happened to oatlands palace?

Mattie Schmidt asked a question: What happened to oatlands palace?
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After the King's execution some Royal residences were sold by the Commonwealth Government to help pay Parliamentary debts. Oatlands Palace and its contents were purchased for about £4,000 by Robert Turbridge. He demolished it and sold the bricks to Sir Richard Weston of Sutton Place.


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🏘 Where was oatlands palace?

The monument includes the main courtyards and associated buildings of Oatlands Palace, situated on the southern bank of the River Thames at Weybridge, on the south western outskirts of modern metropolitan London.

🏘 Does oatlands palace still exist?

Nothing remains of Oatlands palace today except the Tudor gateway in Palace Gardens, Weybridge and the bricks in the locks on the Wey navigation canal, which is owned by the National Trust.

🏘 When was oatlands palace built?

Henry VIII acquired the house in 1538, and rebuilt it for Anne of Cleves. The palace was built around three main adjoining quadrangular courtyards covering fourteen hectares and utilising an existing 15th-century moated manor house. He married Catherine Howard in the palace on 28 July 1540.

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Oatlands Palace History The name Oatlands comes from the owners of the land, who in the thirteenth century was Robert dc Ottelond and probably refers to the crop of oats grown in the area. Henry VIII purchased Hampton Court from Cardinal Wolsey, who then built a palace in Esher on land he had acquired.

Oatlands Palace and its Ill-Fated, Summer Bride. E arly on what must have been a cold February morning in 1542, just after sunrise, a young woman walked out of her lodgings and made her way towards a scaffold and the executioner who awaited her. She had been condemned to die on account of her adultery and treason.

Oatlands Palace, Surrey, England. Oatlands Palace is a former Tudor and Stuart royal palace which took the place of the former manor of the village of Oatlands in Surrey, England. Little remains of the original building, so excavations of the palace took place in 1964 to rediscover its extent.

1790 – Duke of York purchased Oatlands House, built in the grounds of Henry VIII’s 1537 Oatlands Palace. 1822 – The Duchess of York is commemorated by the monument on Monument Green, and the Dial Stone from this column is situated next to Weybridge Library adjacent to footpath to car park. Read more history about the Monument Green area.

decorative arch, so one was moved from the demolished Oatlands Palace to the gardens at Oatlands. Lincoln placed it at the east end of the terrace in 1747-48. In view of what had happened at Chiswick it might well have been Kent who suggested a similar device at Oatlands. The arch was later broken up for rockery stone.

Today, what remains of Henry VIII's palace of Oatlands lies beneath the foundations of a council estate in Weybridge, Surrey. Much of it was pulled down in the seventeenth century, yet it was a favoured retreat of the King and his children, and Henry spent a great deal of money on it.

Henry took himself off to Oatlands Palace where he remained in seclusion. 1541 (6th November) Francis Derehem, Henry Manox and other members of the Duchess of Norfolk’s house were arrested and sent to the Tower.

They are the last people this deserved to happen to.” Samuel William Davidson, 29, has been in jail since the horrific incident in Sydney’s northwest suburb of Oatlands.

Oatlands Palace is a former Tudor and Stuart royal palace which took the place of the former manor of the village of Oatlands near Weybridge, Surrey.Little remains of the original building, so excavations of the palace took place in 1964 to rediscover its extent.

Oatlands Palace was created by Henry VIII, on the site of an earlier manor house, but demolished under the Commonwealth in 1650. Research excavations began in 1968 in order to establish the exact site of the vanished buildings, their plan and their development. This work continued intermittently until 1973, and was followed by rescue ...

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