What happens if house dog kills house cat?

Adriel Rempel asked a question: What happens if house dog kills house cat?
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What happens if your dog kills a cat on your property? Category: Domestic Animal Views: 7 The answer is YES you can be held responsible, but not criminally, only civilly.

If you’re sure that your cat was killed by a neighbor’s dog and you have documented proof, you can: Press legal charges and file a lawsuit. Make a civil claim and seek appropriate compensation for medical bills and the market value of your cat. It is best to consult a lawyer before taking any action.

If the cat entered your private property, and that is where you dog killed it, it is unlikely the owner would be able to sue you. In that scenario, as long as you did not encourage your dog to attack the cat, it is not your fault. However, if the incident took place on public property or someone else’s property, you could be found liable.

In these circumstances you can very likely sue the dog owner for the value of the cat. In most cases the value of a house cat is low enough to make that of questionable value (but could be different if the cat was an expensive breed). The disposition of the dog is the purview of Animal Control.

I would say that it depends on circumstances. I had that happen to me. If your dog is a killer-dog - Put him down, don’t wait for more. If this was an honest mistake and an accident did involve your dog - make sure that never happens again, but ke...

Any accusations wouldn't hold up in court. The dog was confined to your yard, so you were following the law. Their cat came onto YOUR property, where it didn't belong. I get that accidents happen and sometimes cats get out. But if blame has to be placed, it's on them for not containing their pet to their property.

If it is a stray the pound will take care of it. If it someone's cat hopefully having to pay the release fee will convince them to stop letting their cat roam the neighbourhood. Very good idea to not let your dog unsupervised in the yard until the issue has been dealt with. 5.

As for the UK (but possibly excluding Northern Ireland and Scotland where there could be slight differences), the law is relatively straightforward if your dog kills or injures a cat. The same would apply if your dog attacked and injured a person or assistance dog but the penalties are harsher. An interesting story highlights the law. A kitten belonging to a lady crawled under a hole in a fence and found himself in her neighbour’s garden. The neighbour owned a dog, a Jack Russell. The dog ...

That cat was on your property. Your dog is not in the wrong. I know it is awful that this happened, and I still feel horrible about it. Don't cause yourself more stress by having your pet taken away as well. MeMail me if you want more info. posted by TooFewShoes at 7:09 AM on February 10, 2012 [4 favorites]

In the ACT, there is a defence for a dog attacking a person or animal - however it appears that it is only if it attacks a person on their own property. 50 Offences of attacking or harassing. (1) A carer with a dog must not, without reasonable excuse, allow the. dog to attack or harass a person or animal.

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