What happens if you gift a cottage in a will?

Effie Dach asked a question: What happens if you gift a cottage in a will?
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  • Gifting a cottage property pursuant to a Will will avoid payment of land transfer taxes, but may expose the estate to significant estate administration and capital gains taxes. A testator may consider leaving a cottage to the child who uses it, and making gifts of equal value to his or her other children.

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One advantage of this is that, under the Michigan Cottage Law, when a parent transfers a property to a person related by blood or affinity to the first degree, and the use of the property will remain the same, then the tax assessment will not be "uncapped" upon transfer. This could offer significant tax advantages for the child, especially if the parent has owned the property for many years.

Michael can gift the cottage to Jennifer instead. He’ll pay capital gains tax on the difference between the ACB and FMV of the cottage as he did above. The benefit is that Jennifer’s ACB will now be the cottage’s FMV. As a result, if she sells the cottage for $2 million, her capital gains tax will be substantially lower than if she bought the cottage for $1.

You can give away $15,000 per year in cash or property to any individual without incurring a gift tax as of 2020. 3  If you want to give more than that per person per year, you have two options: You can pay the gift tax in that tax year. You can "charge" it to your lifetime exemption.

If you made Child No. 4 an owner simply for tax reasons, and your will says that your assets should be divided between the children equally, one of the other kids could argue that, even if Junior is the surviving shareholder, you didn’t really intend for him to be the sole owner so, in reality, he’s not the only one who should get the cottage. Since you won’t be around to clarify your intent, this could lead to conflict between the kids, and then, says Lillico, “there are lovely ...

Unfortunately, without careful consideration, the transfer or gift of a cottage to children or family members can create an unexpected income tax burden. Before deciding to transfer or gift the property to their children, the couple should talk to both children to ensure they feel comfortable inheriting the property.

Because the accumulated capital gains have been passed along to you, if you gift three-quarters of the cottage to them, you will personally have a capital gains tax liability in the year of...

In particular, the reservation of benefit rules mean that if a gift of a home is made to non-resident children, and the parent continues to live in the house without paying his or her children a full market rent, then the parent will be regarded as retaining a benefit from the gift and it will be ineffective for IHT planning purposes.

The final option is to simply sell the cottage and then gift the proceeds to your kids. To do this, you can stipulate in your will that upon your death the cottage should be sold and, once all...

Even if you gift the cottage to your kids, the government views it as having been sold at fair market value—a deemed disposition. You or your estate will pay tax on the difference between that value and the adjusted cost base (ACB), which is the value of the cottage when you purchased it, plus any expenses you incurred for capital improvements, such as a renovation or a septic system.

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