What is chateau furniture?

Green Langworth asked a question: What is chateau furniture?
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Luxury Furniture from Chateau

We currently have a wide range of french and English style furniture hand made and ready for immediate delivery… We have real gold and silver leaf furniture for that extra luxury finish. We also have many items finished in antique effect to give a more dramatic effect.

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Chateau Furniture was incorporated on 12 April 2006 and is highly engaged in the furniture retail industry. Chateau provides both ready made & custom made furniture besides interior designing & consultancy.

Chateau Garden Furniture Collection. Elegant detail and flowing grace define this solid cast design. All pieces of the Chateau Collection are American made in Cast Aluminum and are welded, prepped, painted and hand finished as a heirloom with reliability and longevity in mind.

Chateau Home Furnishings selects many US-made products, and looks for local manufacturers wherever possible. We provide all categories of furniture from budget to heirloom quality. Our staff ex­per­i­ence covers every aspect of the furniture business, including building and assembly, so we know what makes for well-made furniture on the inside as well as on the outside.

chateau dining tables; chateau dining chairs; chateau buffets ; ottomans; occasional chairs; sofas/sectional/loungers; recliners; occasional tables; futon ; futon fabrics; wall art

The line of chateau furniture is a combination of colors and styles sure to enhance any space with the elaborate decorations and intricate carvings. The sofas, benches, love seats and chairs are not only statement pieces but comfortable, too.

prev. next. Chateau Furniture offers the finest in bespoke furniture, curtains, and upholstery to create truly elegant interiors. In collaboration with its sister company, it is Bahrain's premier destination for luxury interior design. Chateau Furniture, Bahrain from Chateau Furniture BH on Vimeo. Chateau Furniture, Bahrain.

What is French chateau style? French château style is obviously inspired by the ancient castles belonging to the French nobles. It’s a decoration supposed to show richness. Each room is made up of quality, imposing and often very ornate furniture and pieces.

The classic Chateau furniture range is available on order in the raw with the options of finishing each piece to tell your very own home story. This is creatively exciting and sets the range apart as each piece will be entirely unique to suit your home.

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