What is sandal castle famous for?

Katrine Schulist asked a question: What is sandal castle famous for?
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The castle is best known for the role it played in the Battle of Wakefield in 1460 during the Wars of the Roses where Richard, Duke of York was killed. Remains of the 13th century stone castle and the fine motte and bailey can still be seen today.

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Sandal Castle is a ruined medieval castle in Sandal Magna, a suburb of the city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England, overlooking the River Calder. It was the site of royal intrigue and the setting for a scene in one of William Shakespeare's plays. History The Warennes. William de Warenne, 2nd Earl ...

The Friends of Sandal Castle. The Friends of Sandal Castle was set up in 2010 to support Wakefield Council in promoting the castle as an important historic site. Their main aim is to increase awareness of the castle's heritage by encouraging activities and events that benefit and preserve the site and highlight it's importance in English history.

aoc-arrow-forward. In a country speckled with stoic ruins, Sandal Castle is a little-known but still magnificent historic site. Though much of the actual castle was robbed of its masonry by later...

It was when we were on these ramparts that dad decided to impart some of his own knowledge and told me that is was this castle that The Lancastrians marched from on 30 th December 1460 to defeat Richard of York at Sandal Castle some 9 miles away in what has forever since been known as The Battle of Wakefield – the original battle of Wakefield, Saturday nights up Westgate notwithstanding.

Sandal Castle near Wakefield is well-known to Wars of the Roses history buffs as a favourite residence of Richard, Duke of York, and close to the spot where he and his second son Edmund, Earl of Rutland, met their deaths in battle in December 1460.

Sandal Castle er et festningsruin ved byen Wakefield i West Yorkshire, England.Det ligger med utsikt over elven Calder og Pugneys Country Park.Slottet var åsted for kongelige intriger i middelalderen, og åpningsscenen i et av William Shakespeares stykker, Henrik VI foregår der. Det ligger i dag i ruiner

Sandal Castle ist eine Festungsruine in der Nähe der Stadt Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England.Historische wie auch literarische Bedeutung erlangte Sandal Castle durch die Schlacht von Wakefield, die Belagerung der Festung durch Oliver Cromwell sowie durch diverse dort spielende Szenen aus William Shakespeares Heinrich VI…

On 30th of December 1460 the battle of Wakefield was held at sandal castle. The current duke of York Richard Plantagenet and The Lord of the manor (Wakefield) led several thousand of his men out through the gatehouse . The Lancastrian forces had ambushed a foraging party which included Edmund, Duke of Rutland , his son.

Although he occupied Sandal Castle, York sortied from the castle on 30 December. His reasons for doing so have been variously ascribed to deception by the Lancastrian armies, or treachery by some nobles and Lancastrian officers who York thought were his allies, or simple rashness or miscalculation by York.

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