What is the average square footage of a cottage?

Daisha Stroman asked a question: What is the average square footage of a cottage?
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How Many Square Feet Is a Cottage House? The average size for a single-family house completed in 2018 was 2,386 square feet, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average size of a single-family home in 2015 was 2,687 square feet. Home size in the U.S. varies by region, with the Northeast and the South showing slightly higher averages than the West and Midwest.

According to Royal LePage, the average cost of a Kawartha waterfront property with road access to the property is $450,000. The average cost of the same cottage in Muskoka is between $525,000 and ...

Obviously, the most significant factor in home or cottage cost is square footage. The key is to maximize the square footage of your home by designing an efficient plan, with no wasted space. A poorly designed 1,600 square foot home can feel like a 1,400 square foot home inside, while an efficiently designed 1,600 square foot home may feel as spacious as an 1,800 square foot home.

At 972-square-feet of living space, it features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, at 27 feet long and 42 feet wide. The open floor plan includes an eat-in kitchen and expansive windows for natural light and views. Its cottage-style exterior makes it an eye-catching and popular home. Other homes in its class include the Marana, and Santa Fe, among others.

Sticking with a house that's around 1500 square feet certainly doesn't limit the size of your kitchen, living, or dining areas. The Sugarberry Cottage plan features a very spacious main floor, with a large kitchen that opens right up to the combined living and dining area, all of which is surrounded by a wraparound porch that extends the home's livable space outside.

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