What type of wine is chateau musar?

Percival Pouros asked a question: What type of wine is chateau musar?
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Seven years in the making, Chateau Musar Red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Cinsault from vineyards near the Bekaa Valley villages of Aana and Kefraya on gravelly soils over limestone.

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The 1992 red Chateau Musar production was declassified due to a weak vintage. Though comparisons are sometimes made with Bordeaux wine, Burgundy wine or Rhône wine, it is most frequently maintained that the wine of Musar is unique. Due to the winemaking philosophy of Serge Hochar, its vintages are notoriously inconsistent.

Many people ask why Chateau Musar’s winery is more than a two and a half hour drive from the vineyards in the Bekaa Valley. When Gaston Hochar began making wine in 1930, the boundaries of Lebanon had not been set, and he wanted to ensure that his premises would be inside the newly demarcated country.

Although made with Bordeaux grape varietals, Chateau Musar is no claret clone. Wines have been created and enjoyed in the region for 6000 years. It is thought these ancient soils give Musar its seductive exotic aromas and the edge of warm spice to the succulent layers of ripe plum, cherry and blackcurrant.

To know Chateau Musar takes an understanding of terroir, of natural winemaking, of human nature and of history. All of these factors have a powerful influence over the way our wine appears in the glass – how it tastes, smells, lives, breathes and changes. The story of Musar’s survival during the Lebanese civil war of 1975 to 1990 is well ...

It remains a red wine unlike any other. Chateau Musar red is an organically certified blend made with French varieties; usually 50-80% Cabernet Sauvignon, plus Cinsault and Carignan, added in various amounts according to the harvest year. Serge Hochar’s winemaking philosophy is to let each wine develop its own character over many years.

The wines of Chateau Musar are unique expressions from a country with an ancient winemaking culture, as vines have been cultivated from Lebanon's high altitude Bekaa Valley for over 6,000 years. The Hochar family’s philosophy of respect for the environment means that the 180 hectares of Musar vineyards are managed with minimal human interference and all the wines are made naturally.

Chateau Musar White is a unique wine made from ancient Lebanese varieties, Obaideh and Merwah, which are linked respectively to Chardonnay and Semillon. These grapes are among six indigenous grapes that are still cultivated in Lebanon.

While Chateau Musar is most famous for its red, it also makes a white and rosé wine of similar stature. Now there are others. There’s a “second label” red called Hochar Pére et Fils.

Top of the range is Château Musar: Red, which needs at least 10 years of ageing, and is very dynamic as its taste changes significantly over the years. Gaston Hochar said about it: ” Château Musar is the type of wine where time is an essence”. From my own drinking experience this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Cinsault indeed gets better if you are patient enough.

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