When did canterbury castle become a county prison?

Trey Osinski asked a question: When did canterbury castle become a county prison?
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  • Later in the 12th century the development of Dover Castle by Henry II meant that Canterbury's castle significantly reduced in importance and became a county prison. The prisoners were housed on the ground floor with only small slits for lighting and spiral staircase access via the guardhouse above.

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In the wills in the Prerog. office, there are frequent entries of legacies left to the prisoners of the castle of Canterbury, and of Westgate, from the year 1461 to 1585; soon after which this castle seems to have ceased to be a prison, and about the year 1592, or perhaps a year or two before, the present gaol of St. Dunstan's was substituted ...

Canterbury was fortified by the Roman in the third century AD. These walls were still standing in the late 1060s when the Normans built a motte-and-bailey fortification there. This was replaced with Canterbury Castle in the late eleventh century. The town walls were rebuilt in the fourteenth century.

The old stairwell inside the castle "The Castle at Canterbury was for many years used as a county prison, it being formerly out of the jurisdiction of the city, and it has ever since remained with its appurtenances an extra parochial place. The county magistrates used to hold Sessions in the Castle."

CANTERBURY CASTLE. Photo Charles Taylor… In the 13th century it became a prison and was in use until 1609. By the 18th century it was in ruins and the curtain wall was removed in 1792… From 1543 to 1929 it was used as the city's prison. Directions: A290 Rheims Way, at the south end of Castle Street. Castle St, Canterbury CT1 2PR

History. The prison originated as a county gaol in 1808 and served as a Home Office archive during the First World War.After a time as a Naval Detention Centre during the Second World War, the prison reopened in 1946 as a local prison to serve the courts of Kent. In 2002 it became a category C training prison and in 2006 a foreign nationals prison.

Canterbury Prison was opened in 1808 just outside the city boundary… The city became a county corporate in 1461, ... The ruins of the Norman Canterbury Castle have remained closed to the public since 2017 due to falling masonry, with plans for the site to reopen in 2021.

Canterbury Castle, a Norman motte and bailey constructed shortly after Canterbury submitted to William the Conqueror in October 1066. The castle declined in importance following the new castle at Dover, Canterbury Castle became the county gaol.

Canterbury. by Ben Johnson. St Augustine was sent by the Pope in 597 AD to re-establish Christianity in southern England and came to Canterbury. Ruins of the monastery built by Augustine still remain and he founded the first cathedral in England where the present magnificent building now stands. Canterbury has been a European pilgrimage site of ...

Often the best places to search for prison registers after 1878 are local county archives. County or prison. Date range (YYYY): From. To. Quarterly returns of convicts in prisons and prison hulks (1802-1876) Search our catalogue in HO 8, by name of prison or prison hulk and year, for records of prisoners held in these institutions. Search also ...

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