When did catholina lambert build belle vista castle?

Rae Little asked a question: When did catholina lambert build belle vista castle?
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  • Catholina Lambert, an English immigrant who made his fortune in the silk industry, built the Castle in 1892-93. He named it “Belle Vista.” Many prominent individuals of that era, including President McKinley, visited the Lambert family in their luxurious residence.

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For more on the silk story, we took a 10-minute drive up Garret Mountain to Lambert Castle, Catholina Lambert’s extravagant, crenelated home built in 1892 with fortunes made from silk and now ...

Catholina continued to live at the Castle until his death on February 15, 1923. The Castle is now the home of the Passaic County Historical Society. Its fascinating history continues to charm and capture the imagination of all who visit the museum and library at Lambert’s beloved “Belle Vista.”

Lambert Castle was built in 1892 as the home of Catholina Lambert, the owner of a prominent silk mill in the City of Paterson. Constructed in the Medieval Revival architectural style, Mr. Lambert's dream was to build a home reminiscent of the castles in Great Britain that he remembered from his boyhood years. President William McKinley and Vice President Garret Hobart visited the castle in 1898.

In a short time they called Paterson their home and thirty-three years later (1892) Lambert would build his “Belle-Vista” castle on the land they purchased on Garret Mountain. In his castle he would display one of the world’s finest art collections. Paintings by Rembrant, Luini and Renior filled the massive grand art hall and gallery.

Lambert Castle, originally called Belle Vista, was built by Catholina Lambert, owner of one of the mills targeted by the 1913 strikers.

The Catholina Lambert Story. The Young Immigrant: ... she did not make a career of charity work. In later years she urged Lambert to donate money to the Belle Vista Chapel, ... children were less of a consideration for the Lamberts than status. Lambert built the Castle for his showplace home.

Lambert Castle and the Botto Residence tell opposite sides of a story. In 1892, a Paterson, New Jersey millionaire named Catholina Lambert set out to build the mansion of his dreams. Mansions were not that unusual in what was then known as “Silk City.”

Originally called Belle Vista and built in 1892, it was the luxurious residence of Catholina Lambert, an Englishman and silk industry magnate. The mansion hosted many luminaries of the era, even President McKinley, and was added to the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places in 1976.

Catholina Lambert died in his castle on February 15, 1923 at the age of 89. He is buried next to his wife, Isabella in the Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Paterson. The Castle after Catholina Lambert Lambert’s son Walter sold the Castle and property to the City of Paterson in 1925 for $125,000.

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