When was chateau de chillon built?

Shyanne Leuschke asked a question: When was chateau de chillon built?
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Chateau de chillon (chillon castle) - most beautiful castle in switzerland

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The Chillon Castle has been around for over 1000 years. The castle that exists today is a medieval style castle that was built in the thirteenth century, on the site of a castle built in the ninth century. Its' first use is believed to be that of a strategic post for Roman soldiers during the early Middle Ages.

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🇨🇭【4k】château de chillon • walking switzerland • chillon castle [virtual walking tour]

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Chateau de Chillon – also known as Castle Chillon – is a picturesque fort which uses both Lake Geneva and a moat created between a small island and the mainland for defence. First mentioned between 1160 or 1005 AD, it is along the shoreline of Lake Geneva near Veytaux, Switzerland. Through the centuries it has been home to the Counts of Savoy as ...

Castle Chillon was started in the 11th century, expanded and completed in the 13th century. Built on a tiny island at the water's edge by the Counts of Savoy, this castle has a strategic position guarding the narrow passage between Lake Geneva and the Alps entering Italy, and controlling shipping on the lake itself, in addition to serving as palacial accomodations for the Counts themselves.

Other castles caught the eye as a summer home and Chillon became a dungeon first and foremost. In 1536, the Bernese who rebelled against the rule of the Savoys, besieged Chillon for three weeks, marking the end of their conquest of the Pays de Vaud.

The Assocation for the Restoration of Chillon Castle was eventually founded in 1887. It put the society’s ideas into writing, building both the creation of a museum exhibiting the diverse periods of Vaudois history and the restoration of the castle into its statute. The state released funds for the purchase of various items for the collection.

The ceiling in the Coat of Arms Hall (room 18) was commissioned by the Duke of Savoy Amadeus VIII in 1436, after his visit to Chillon Castle prompted him to commission a series of maintenance and embellishment works.

Chillon is an island castle built on a rocky spit a few feet from the shore of Lake Geneva. The island has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. A castle has sat on the island for at least 1,000 years. Unlike most castles, Chillon is built in an oval ‘boat’ shape that follows the outline of the island.

Most of the current structure was built in the 11th to 13th Centuries. As you explore the Castle of Chillon, you'll climb staircases and walk along the sentries' gallery. The interior of the Château de Chillon has rooms from different eras.

Exploring Chateau de Chillon (Chillon Castle) The Chillon Castle is the result of many centuries of building, adaptations, renovations and restorations. The excavations carried out from the end of the 19th century affirmed that this site has been occupied since the Bronze Age – 3200 – 600 BC – though the castle was built much later.

Chillon Castle is an island castle located on Lake Geneva, south of Veytaux in the canton of Vaud. It is situated at the eastern end of the lake, on the narrow shore between Montreux and Villeneuve, which gives access to the Alpine valley of the Rhône. Chillon is amongst the most visited castles in Switzerland and Europe. Successively occupied by the house of Savoy then by the Bernese from 1536 until 1798, it now belongs to the State of Vaud and is classified as a Swiss Cultural Property of ...

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