Where are the towers of flint castle located?

Mauricio Hegmann asked a question: Where are the towers of flint castle located?
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  • The small fragment in the foreground is the remains of the outer gatehouse. In the background (from left to right) is the North West Tower, the South West Tower, The North East Tower and the Great Tower. The Welsh were never ones to settle for dominance by their English neighbors.

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The watercolour sketch over pencil is considered one of Turner's greatest Welsh landscapes, and captures the castle on the Dee Estuary in the 1830s.

The castle encloses an area of almost 12 acres (4.9 hectares) with a further 6 acres (2.4 ha) around the Tower of London constituting the Tower Liberties – land under the direct influence of the castle and cleared for military reasons.

Flint referred to that building (Tour de Constance) by a separate, cylindrical tower – the keep, located in the south-eastern corner of the castle. Such a location allowed it to both flank the entrance gate to the castle on the west side and dominate the outer ward in the south.

The castle is located on the foreshore of the Dee estuary, dominating the river and the route along the coastal plain. The castle consists of a square ward with a round tower at each corner. Notably, the south-eastern tower (Great Tower) is much bigger and offset from the main courtyard by a moat which probably contained sea water at high tide, and was crossed by a drawbridge.

Although in ruin, today's castle remains much as it appeared in Edward's time.Square in design, Flint Castle had round angle towers at three corners and a huge donjon (at right), the keep, at the fourth. To the north and east, the ...

Flint Castle (Welsh language: Castell y Fflint) located in Flint, Flintshire, was the first of a series of castles built during King Edward I's campaign to conquer Wales. The site was chosen for its strategic position in North East Wales .

It is well worth taking a detour to the far side of the railway line. Flint castle lies right on the mudflats of the River Dee. When the castle was built, the tidal waters would surround the castle at high tide, filling the moat.

It was strengthened by 9 half-towers opened from the inside and two closed towers located on the river, on the west side. The larger of them on the south-west side, called the Gillot’s Tower, was erected on a square plan with sides

Reculver is a village and coastal resort about 3 miles (5 km) east of Herne Bay in south-east England, in a ward of the same name, in the City of Canterbury district of Kent. It once occupied a strategic location at the north-western end of the Wantsum Channel, a sea lane that separated the Isle of Thanet and the Kent mainland until the late ...

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