Where did guards sleep in castles?

Arvel Kub asked a question: Where did guards sleep in castles?
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At the time of Chr tien de Troyes, the rooms where the lord of a castle, his family and his knights lived and ate and slept were in the Keep (called the Donjon), the rectangular tower inside the walls of a castle. This was meant to be the strongest and safest place.

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The entrance to the keep of the castle was usually on the first floor through the forebuilding and not at ground level. This made it easier to defend as a drawbridge could be used. When the King or Lord was in residence his best knights could sleep and eat in this area guarding their master at all times. Toilets or Garderobes

Indeed, to sleep in separate rooms (or separate wings of a castle/palace/grand house) has at various times been understood as a marker of prestige due to what one can afford—cost of separate rooms, separate wings, separate building, separate beds, and separate servants to help you out of bed in the morning…. 2.

It's kinda impossible for a guard to guard a castle now, because their all dead! Nah... just joking. MediEvil guards do not exist any more, so people who guard castles are now security guards!

It was used for receiving guests and it was the place where the household would dine together, including the lord of the house, his gentleman attendants and at least some of the servants. At night some members of the household might sleep on the floor of the great hall.

Officers & Servants in a Medieval Castle. From the household of the king to the humblest peasant dwelling, more or less distant relatives and varying numbers of servants and dependants would cohabit with the master of the house and his immediate family. The structure of the medieval household was largely dissolved by the advent of privacy in the ...

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These were usually in the safest part of the castle, and only trusted servants or honoured guests were allowed in. Some castles had their lordly living rooms in a completely separate building; a castle within a castle, which could be defended even if the rest of the fortress fell.

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The knights of a castle might be permanently stationed there, and so their pay was met by the castle's lord. Another possibility was that local barons had to supply knights to a particular castle for a fixed term of service, especially those important for national defence like Dover Castle. Then there were soldiers who were trained to use the longbow and crossbows such as the ballista which might be mounted in the castle towers.

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