Where does the dragon spawn outside of drelas cottage?

Tressa Gutmann asked a question: Where does the dragon spawn outside of drelas cottage?
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  • A dragon often spawns flying outside the cottage due to Eldersblood Peak being located nearby, which leads to a word wall, just up the hill northwest of Drelas' Cottage. Even if Drelas is killed, all the items will be marked as "stolen".

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Drelas is a Dunmer necromancer who resides in his cottage in the mountains of northern Whiterun Hold. When entering his cottage during daytime, he will likely be hunched over the Arcane Enchanter in the corner, with his back to the door. With a high enough Sneak skill or potion, it may be possible to perform an initial sneak attack. Drelas will often retreat upstairs and attempt to heal ...

Drelas' Cottage – south of Morthal. Dustman's Cairn – where the ambush transpires. Fellglow Keep; Forelhost – on the upper floor of Forelhost Refectory; Fort Amol; Fort Dawnguard – if a member of Dawnguard faction. Fort Snowhawk prison – when controlled by the mages, not after taken over by the Imperials. Glenmoril Coven; Haemar's Shame

Drelas' Cottage is a house with both an alchemy station and an arcane enchanter as soon as the hostile owner Drelas himself is dealt with. However the location is far from most other facilities. It is also rather close to a dragon lair, and followers will refuse to interact, the only exceptions being Cicero and Serana.

Labyrinthian, located South-East of Morthal, and North-East of Drelas’ Cottage. You will be accessing it during the quest “The Staff of Magnus”.

Skyrim has a penchant for ill-fated romance, it seems. This unmarked campsite is north of the Old Hroldan inn and south from Soljund’s Sinkhole, and you’ll find the expired lovers nearby. Might want to deal with the wild animal that did them in before combing the area, though.

A new summon spell called "Conjure Bone Colossus" has been added as a Master Level Conjuration spell, it like all Master Level spells has a 3 second cast time and a high magicka cost, the Bone Colossus is very powerful and lasts for approximately 60 seconds, it will be effected by Conjuration Perks, it utilizes the Mesh and Textures from the best looking variant of the creature by MihailMods and has been tweaked to my personal preference

Drelas cottage can be turned into a player home on PC by typing the following into the console when the player is there (Don't enter the parentheses content, this is only the explanation for each command. This is cell specific, in order for this to work in others cells you need to change the respawn zone id for line 2, the correct id can be ...

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