Where is a castle built into a cave?

Kian Spinka asked a question: Where is a castle built into a cave?
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Predjama castle built in a cave - tour guide!!! simply wonderful! - predjama slovenia - ectv

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The only thing more fairytale-like than a castle is a castle perched on a 400-meter cliff that's built around the entrance of a natural cave. Oh, and did we mention there's a network of secret passageways? The Predjama Castle in Slovenia has all that and more — and it's open to the public year-round.

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Built within a cave predjama castle slovenia

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Where is the world's largest castle built inside a cave?

A cave castle (German: Höhlenburg) or grotto castle (German: Grottenburg) is a residential or refuge castle that has been built into a natural cave.It falls within the category of hill castles.Unlike other types (such as water castles), such castles can only be assaulted from the front, or by drilling through the rock above; the gateway is usually located in the middle of a rock face, which ...

Slovenia - If you can’t decide whether you want to hole up in a cave or a castle, you’re in luck: Predjama Castle in Postojna, Slovenia, offers the best of both worlds. The 13th-century castle was built directly into the entrance of a giant cave that sits about halfway up a 400-foot cliff. Looming 115 tall, the castle holds the Guinness World ...

The structure is not only built into the side of a cave, but also sits on top of the second-longest cave in Slovenia, which spans four floors. Credit: Angel Villalba/Getty Images The castle was...

Predjama Castle, Slovenia - Europe is brimming with amazing castles, but none quite like Predjama Castle in Slovenia. Tucked into a cliffside cave — which added an incredibly strong layer of defense for the nobility who once lived there — the four-story castle was built over the year of 1202, but most of what remains is most likely from the 16th century. It features all manner of intriguing castle elements, from treasure chests to secret passages. The caves below the castle are a part of ...

Located in Slovenia, the incredible castle has been built into the mouth of a cave for a unique, imposing look. Now run as a museum, tourists from all over the world flock to view the magnificent space. Predjama Castle sits just 6.8 miles from the village of Postojna in south-central Slovenia.

Records first give mention of the castle’s construction by the Patriarch of Aquileia during the early 13th century. The castle was built within a cave mouth, that leads to a network of subterranean passages and caverns stretching for 14 kilometres that were inhabited during the late stone age and used as stables by the Romans.

Predjama Castle – the Castle in a Cave. Image credit: Franz St. /Flickr. Predjama Castle is one of the most famous in Slovenia, attracting each year thousands of tourists. Located in small village of Predjama, this amazing Renaissance fortress, built within a cave, is not at all the kind of castle we’re familiar with.

13 Complex Cave Castles, Temples, and Buildings Carved In Mountains 1. A 2,000-year-old cave city carved into a mountain: Petra, Jordan Source: Seetheholyland.net/Flickr Located in... 2. A beautiful mountain castle with hidden passages: Predjama Castle, Slovenia Source: Leandro Neumann... 3. A cave ...

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Modern caveman - man builds a $230,000 house in 700-year-old cave