Where is chateau miranda located?

Jaqueline Mayert asked a question: Where is chateau miranda located?
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Château Miranda is a neo-Gothic castle located near the small village of Celles, in the province of Namur, Belgium. The castle, also known as Château de Noisy (Noisy Castle) was, and still is, a precious pearl hidden in the hilly and forested region of the Ardennes.


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The clocktower was finished in 1903 and is 183 feet tall, and 1907 saw the completion of building activity. Initially Chateau Miranda, boasting beautifully landscaped gardens, served the family Liedekerke de Beaufort as a summer residence.

🏘 What happened to chateau miranda?

Château Miranda (English: Miranda Castle), also known as Château de Noisy (English: Noisy Castle) was a 19th-century neo-Gothic castle in Celles, province of Namur, Belgium, in the region of the Ardennes. As of October 2017, the chateau has been completely demolished.

🏘 Who owns chateau miranda celles belgium?


After the war inherits of the family leave the castle. In 1950 'Chateau Miranda' was renamed 'Home de Noisy' when it was taken over by the NMBS, the national railway company of Belgium. The railway company used the castle as an orphanage and a holiday camp for sick children.

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Château Miranda (English: Miranda Castle), also known as Château de Noisy (English: Noisy Castle) was a 19th-century neo-Gothic castle in Celles, province of Namur, Wallonia, Belgium, in the region of the Ardennes. As of October 2017, the chateau has been completely demolished. History. The Château was planned and designed in 1866 by the English architect Edward Milner under commission from the Liedekerke-De Beaufort family, who had left their previous home, Vêves Castle, during the ...

Chateau de Miranda in Celles, Belgium (Google Maps) The Chateau de Miranda - also known as Chateau de Noisy or Home de Noisy - located not far from Dinant in Belgium, is abandoned since 1991.

Château Miranda was located in the province of Namur, Belgium. Building started in 1866. English architect Edward Milner planned and designed the chateau. Building work culminated with the clock tower construction in 1907.

Chateau Miranda, Belgium From series “Deserted Places Causing the Feeling of Chill” One of the most frightening abandoned buildings in the world is found in the Belgian city of Celle. It is the beautiful Miranda Castle, which was built by the French aristocracy in the post-revolutionary period.

Chateau Miranda is a new Gothic fort located near the small village of Seles in the Namur region of Belgium. Also known as the Noisy Palace, this palace is a precious pearl hidden in the mountains and forests of Ardennes. Unfortunately, since 1991, that beautiful place has reportedly been completely abandoned.

“Initially Chateau Miranda, ... The castle is top in darkness 😉 Always want to go back, inspiring location. no guards confrontations but we were extremly prepared and cautious. Reply. Mike Barnett. 31st August 2016 at 3:45 am. According to the wikipedia entry (always questionable), as of sometime in June 2016, Miranda has been sold. Reply. ed johns. 17th October 2016 at 7:46 am. I hope it has been sold to someone with a vision . Reply. Jowel. 28th October 2016 at 3:08 pm. I am very sad ...

Situated in the lap of the greenery, in the Celles province of Namur, Belgium, in the region of the Ardennes, Chateau Miranda had been the beautiful edifice. The top view of the castle leaves us with immense wonder. Behind the castle, the two mountains and the forest seem to merge eventually at the foot as if kissing the top of the edifice.

The Château de Noisy (or Château Miranda or Miranda Castle), is located in the Adrennes Forest, on Noisy 5561 Houyet, in Celles, province of Namur, Belgium. Miranda Castle was built in 1866 by commission from the Liedekerke-Beaufort family. English architect Milner is responsible for the abandoned castles design.

Miranda Castle is a beautiful castle located in the open lands of Belgium. The former “holiday camp” is in a state of significant disrepair and, despite several offers, the owners refuse to sell it. He suffered numerous acts of vandalism and the interior details were removed for use in another castle.

Miranda Castle is relatively young. It was built in 1866 near the village of Celles as a summer residence of the family of Liedekerke-Beaufort. They lived there until WWII. A portion of the Battle of the Bulge took place on the property, and then the castle was occupied by the Nazis.

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