Where is cottage country candy made?

Alicia Hammes asked a question: Where is cottage country candy made?
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Cottage Country Candies | Candies, Nuts and Trail Mixes, Canada.

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Cottage Country Candy - Peach Rings. C$2.99 Price. Quantity

The fourth generation Scholtens Candy Company and their Cottage Country branded candies nuts and trail mixes, can be found in more than 10,000 location, from coast to coast, across Canada.

Candy & Nuts; Coffee; Dairy & Eggs; Donuts; Fresh Produce; Frozen Fruits & Vegetables; Honey; Ice Cream & Frozen Treats; Jam & Preserves; Maple Syrup & Maple Products; Meat; Processed Meat; Prepared Meals; Sarafino Italian Products; Sauces & Rubs; Seafood

Call Us Now! 905 473 3246. Brooks Farms: Shopping Instructions. Cottage Country Candy - Bananas

At Cottage Country Snack Foods, we offer a wide range of product programs to suit every retailer’s need. Our multi-sale and value pack programs have proven to be strong performers and provide our customers with a heathy return on investment. Email us today for more information or call. 1-877-787-0777

Cottage Country Log Cabin Trading Company is the sweetest gift shop in the Haliburton Highlands. With over 40 flavours of Fudge, Rogers Chocolate, 30 flavours of Salt Water Taffy, pure Canadian Maple Syrup and a wide selection of Old Fashion Candy. Why not indulge … after all you are in Cottage Country!

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