Which harvard freshman dorm is the best?

Stella Wuckert asked a question: Which harvard freshman dorm is the best?
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Apley Court

Full of marble and people you'll never see, Apley is right outside the yard and offers some of the country's best freshman housing. If you have T.S. Eliot's room on floor four, you have the best room for first-years, no question.

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Address: Apley Court, Harvard University, Boston MA 02138 Apley is known for having some of the best accommodations on campus. It hosts 30 students in singles, doubles and triples with private bathrooms. It has marble staircases, hardwood floors, and gorgeous high ceilings. 9) Hollis

Grays. Everyone in Grays will remind you that they live in the Harvard Hilton, and unfortunately, they’re kind of right. While not technically as nice as Apley, the close proximity to food/class/fun makes this arguably the best freshman dorm.

Every freshman is guaranteed housing and lives in one of the all-freshman dorms that are either in Harvard Yard or very near it. The size of the dorm varies, ranging from the 14-person Mass Hall to the all-encompassing

Apley Court is, indeed, the best freshman dorm. It's where the Very Rich Children used to go, in the old days of social segregation. Matthews-Weld-Grays are probably the nicest of the large ones, but I also quite like

All first-year students live in Harvard Yard or very close to it in one of 17 freshman dorms: Apley Court, Canaday, Grays, Greenough, Hollis, Holworthy, Hurlbut, Lionel, Mower, Massachusetts Hall, Matthews, Pennypacker, Stoughton, Straus, Thayer, Weld, and Wigglesworth. Apley, Greenough, Hurlbut, and Pennypacker are the four dorms that are not in ...

Grays is known as the Harvard Hilton for a reason. (Hint: best rooms.) FEATURED ROOMS I asked around campus in order to find some of the best freshmen dorm rooms Harvard has to offer. To the class of ’16, you might be

Question 1: What would you say is the “best” dorm around? At Harvard College, the freshman live in the center of campus – called The Yard – and these buildings are colloquially termed “dorms.” Most people know about Harvard Yard because it’s the heart of campus and where the oh so popular John Harvard statue is.

Apley Court – South of Harvard Yard on Holyoke Street, Apley Court has the most spacious rooms among the freshman dorms; accommodations include marble bathrooms. Formerly part of Adams House , it is the only one of the Gold Coast apartment buildings – luxurious private apartments built south of the Yard in the late 1890s – to now be a freshman dormitory.

The dorms, where freshmen live for one year before moving to a "house" for their final three years, are great. The best part is their location IN Harvard Yard, along with its historic libraries, many classrooms, and, of course, the famous statue of John Harvard. 1.9K views

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Houses (Cabot, Currier, and Pforzheimer) located in the Radcliffe Quadrangle, commonly referred to as the “Quad,” occupy three of the bottom four average freshman...

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