Which japanese castles have green roofs?

Moses Swaniawski asked a question: Which japanese castles have green roofs?
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RF W26A3Y–Famous Japanese castle with a green roof. Japan Castle in Nagoya.

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Mannequins of a princess and her lady's maid demonstrate daily life at Himeji Castle. The ladies wear silk robes; the princess has several layers of silk to denote her status, while the maid wears only a green and yellow wrap. They are playing kaiawase, in which you have to match the shells. It is similar to the card game "concentration."

The contrast between the black color of the castle and the green and white colors of the alps is splendid. Matsue Castle This castle is located in Matsue City , Shimane Prefecture, and it is the only still existing castle in the Southwestern region of Japan.

The grand and imposing tiled roof of Buddhist temples, the light and solemn hiwada roof (covered with small thin pieces of hinoki) of Sinto shrines, the picturesque thatched roof of country houses, the elegant and tasteful roof of tea ceremony kiosks, the calm and subdued tiled roof of Japanese dwelling-houses, the magnificent and refined roof of old castles ; all bear witness to the wonderful beauty embodied in every variety of Japanese roofs.

Atop the same structure, another of the automaton sentries drew its bow as a green flame filled its eyes. Washi dashed faster than the string could be pulled, his footsteps like a rapid drumbeat across the rooftop.

Himeji Castle is also extremely pretty, thanks to the gleaming white of its walls and roof, plus the surrounding cherry blossom trees. Simply put, if you could only visit one castle in Japan, this would be the one to see. Himeji Castle as it stands today dates from 1609 and is made up of 83 buildings surrounded by moats and fortifications.

David Green. "One of my favorite castles is Hikone which has a number of unique, original buildings within its extensive grounds," says Mitchelhill. "There is a stunning stroll garden with a lake ...

Abstract. The curves of roofs are characteristics of Japanese traditional wooden architecture. However, the designs of these curves are decided by master builders who contract the construction of buildings. Their aesthetic characteristics have been changed through ages and they depend on Kikujutu, or highly developed

Japanese castles (城, shiro) are fortresses constructed primarily of wood and stone. They evolved from the wooden stockades of earlier centuries, and came into their best-known form in the 16th century. Castles in Japan were built to guard important or strategic sites, such as ports, river crossings, or crossroads, and almost always incorporated the landscape into their defenses.

Osaka castle was only one of a number of castles that boasted golden roof tiles, and sculptures of fish, cranes, and tigers. Certainly, outside of such displays of precious metals, the overall aesthetics of the architecture and interiors remained extremely important, as they do in most aspects of Japanese culture.

Japanese castles have many similar forms, but nawabari differ between individual castles. Shared architectural features may include a defensive hori (moat), ishigaki (stone walls); shooting holes for arrows and guns; stone-dropping windows; and a complex inner layout to confuse intruders. A complex system of a great many gates and courtyards ...

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