Which mansions to visit in newport?

Vincenza Turner asked a question: Which mansions to visit in newport?
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  • The Elms. This summer retreat of coal magnate Edward Berwind was modeled on a French-style chateau…
  • Marble House. This mansion was inspired by the Petit Trianon at Versailles…
  • Rosecliff…
  • Hunter House
  • Isaac Bell House
  • Kingscote.

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Best Newport Mansions To Tour 1. The Breakers. By far the most popular Newport mansion, The Breakers is the Italian Renaissance-style Vanderbilt estate widely acknowledged to be the grandest, most extravagant mansion in Newport and is thus the signature symbol of the Gilded Age.

Tours of the mansions cover many aspects of life and appeal to a wide range of interests. You’ll learn about decorative arts, architecture, gardens and landscapes, family history, and what daily life was like for the servants. Events and lectures will enrich your visit, too. The prime time to tour the Newport mansions is between May and October.

Let’s start by putting this in perspective: Going to Newport to visit Newport Mansions is a perfect day trip from Boston (which is about 1,5hs away by car). Even more, from Newport – instead of returning straight to Boston -, it is great to visit Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and Provincetown.

Of the 5 mansions listed on this page, Rough Point is the only one not owned by the Preservation Society of Newport County. It is run by the Newport Restoration Foundation, which was founded by Doris Duke in 1968. Rough Point is open for tours from May-November.It's a fascinating tour, allowing you a rare glimpse into the private life of this reclusive tobacco heiress.

9. Crossways Mansion. Marion Graves Anthon Fish a.k.a. “Mamie” built Crossways in 1896 finishing in 1898 (a ballroom was added later). Mamie wanted something different than the other Newport mansions which were ostentatious “ palaces ” while called “cottages”. Mamie opted for a colonial style, which looks great.

The Gothic Room in the Marble House – Newport, Rhode Island. Best Newport Mansions to Tour and What Tickets to Get. The biggest question we had in planning our visit was which Newport mansions to tour and if it was possible to see them all in one day. All things considered, the best bang for your buck is the 5 House Ticket because it is only $6 additional dollars from the 2 House Ticket AND ...

If you can, visit the Newport Mansions on a weekday. Five of us arrived in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday. The town was full of tourists so traffic was slow and the lines in the visitors' center were long. We were told to drive to the mansions and to park our car and walk to the other mansions. Do not do this.

Apr 13, 2015. Rosecliff, a Gilded Age Mansion of Newport, Rhode Island © Demerzel21 | Dreamstime. North America. Nobody knew how to do extravagant and opulent like Newport, R.I., during the turn of the 20 th century. The tiny town attracted America’s wealthiest during the Gilded Age, from the Vanderbilts to the Astors.

The Breakers, The Elms and Marble House are the most impressive of all the Newport mansions. In addition to the busy summer season, these 3 houses are open during the winter months and beautifully decorated for the holidays.

At all of the Newport Mansions, you will find a world of exceptional elegance and inspiration in architecture, art, interior design and landscapes. Explore 250 years of American history at our historic properties, located on 88 acres of gardens and parks.

We have never been to Newport before. We'd like to do the Cliff Walk and buy a combo ticket that lets you into five of the Preservation Society mansions which include The Breakers, Chateau-sur-Mer, The Elms, Marble House, Rosecliff, Green Animals Topiary Gardens, Kingscote, Chepstow, or Issac Bell House.

Say Cheese: The Best Photo Spots in Newport, Rhode Island; Funny Snapchat Captions: Museum of Fine Arts Boston Edition; Marble House Newport, RI. Address: 596 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840. Hours: 10:00AM – 5:00PM, 7 days a week. Closed for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and special events.

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