Who built saddam hussein palaces?

Concepcion Johnston asked a question: Who built saddam hussein palaces?
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The palace was officially commissioned by King Faisal II of Iraq in the 1950s as the new principal Royal residence following his planned wedding to Egyptian Princess Sabiha Fazila Khanim Sultan. The architect was J. Brian Cooper of Birmingham, England, renowned for his modernist designs.

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33 Photos Of Saddam Hussein’s Palaces That Show The Excess Of His Fallen Regime The Republican Palace. An aerial view of the Republican Presidential palace in Baghdad, Iraq. The U.S. government ended... Al-Faw Palace. Aerial view of the Al-Faw palace. The Al-Faw palace was another of Saddam ...

Inside a Saddam Hussein Palace. It’s estimated that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein built 8o – 100 palaces during his 24 year reign. Billions of dollars were spent on lavish structures with gold and marble fittings – no expense was spared. They were seen as an expression of his power and authority over Iraq.

“the Iraqi government has considered selling off palaces and other Iraqi estates built under the regime of overthrown leader Saddam Hussein, since the economy is struggling with an economic crisis exacerbated by the collapse in crude oil prices, the corruption of public institutions and the fight against the DAESH terrorist organization.”

During his nearly 24-year stay in power, Saddam Hussein built dozens of palaces (between 80 and 100 according to different accounts) across Iraq. Palaces were built -most of them after the end of the 1991 Gulf War - in every major city as an expression of his authority.

The Republican Palace (Arabic: القصر الجمهوري al-Qaṣr al-Jumhūriy) is a palace in Baghdad, Iraq, constructed on the orders of King Faisal II. It was Saddam Hussein's preferred place to meet visiting heads of state.

Of the 100 palaces built by Saddam, half were constructed after the Gulf War at a rate of around five per year, said U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity. During the war, seven were ...

Control of these palaces moved from Saddam Hussein, to the US forces, then the Iraqi government, and finally, since June last year, to the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

Visitors walk through the graffiti-painted halls of the palace at Babylon, built by Iraqi former President Saddam Hussein. Ameer Al Mohammedaw/Getty Images

One inscription reads: "This was built by Saddam Hussein, son of Nebuchadnezzar, to glorify Iraq." 'THIS WAS BUILT BY SADDAM HUSSEIN' Brutalist reliefs depict Hussein leading soldiers on the...

This palace in northern Iraq, built by Saddam Hussein but now controlled by Iraqi Kurds, is said to be new CIA HQ for operations in case of renewed... Gen. Tommy Franks meets with Iraqi war commanders in a palace of Saddam Hussein's April 16, 2003 in Baghdad, Iraq.

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