Who died at warwick castle?

Camden Crona asked a question: Who died at warwick castle?
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The company that runs Warwick Castle has been fined £350,000 after a man fell from a bridge and died. George Townley, of Berkswell, Solihull, fell 13ft (4m) from the Bear & Clarence Bridge into a dry moat in 2007. A post-mortem examination revealed although he suffered a heart attack, he died from head injuries.

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When Thomas de Beaumont, 6th Earl of Warwick died, the castle and lands passed to his sister, Margaret de Beaumont, 7th Countess of Warwick in her own right. Her first husband, John Marshal, died soon after, and while she looked for a suitable husband, the castle was in the ownership of King Henry III of England.

6th Earl of Warwick: Died without children, so title passed to his sister. 1242: Margaret de Newburg (Margery) (d,1253?) 7th Countess of Warwick: Sister of the 6th Earl. Although she owned the castle in her own right, it was 'taken into the king's hand as a pledge for a suitable remarriage'. 1242–1263: John Du Plessis (1210–1263) 7th Earl of Warwick: Married Margaret and was created 7th Earl. They had no children. On the Earl's death the title and castle passed to Margaret's nephew ...

Henry de Beaumont (d 1119), also known as de Newburgh, was appointed Constable of the royal castle, and was succeeded by six members of his family until the death of Thomas de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick in 1242. In 1268 the Castle and earldom passed by inheritance to William de Beauchamp, ninth Earl (d 1298).

Sir Fulke Greville, the owner of Warwick Castle in the early 17th century didn’t die of natural causes. He was actually stabbed on September 1, 1628, by one of his servants after he found out he only left him £8,000 in his will. he died of his two stab wounds 4 weeks later. 25.

Edward once again raised an invasion force and this time Warwick was killed after losing the Battle of Barnet in April 1471. The ultimate victor in 1485 was the first Tudor, Henry VII whose aim was to die a natural death in his bed and be succeeded by his son without any hassle, the young Henry VIII.

The last member of the Beauchamp family to own Warwick Castle was Henry Beauchamp who was the first to be given the title Duke of Warwick. Henry died in his early twenties in 1446 and the castle passed into the hands of his sister Anne Beauchamp who married Richard Neville, 'The Kingmaker'.

At least three owners died in battle, two were executed and one murdered. Warwick Castle became Crown Property twice—once under Henry VII and Henry VIII from 1499-1547, and again under Mary I and Elizabeth I from 1554-1562.

George Townley died from head injuries following the fall The company that runs Warwick Castle has been fined £350,000 after a man fell from a bridge and died. George Townley, of Berkswell,...

Owned by a Toddler When the 1 st Duke of Warwick, Henry de Beauchamp, died in 1444, he left as his only heir, his two-year-old daughter Anne. She later died at age 5, and the castle passed to Henry’s sister Anne, who had married Richard Neville. Building a Guest House on the Fly

But wait, there’s lots more treason, treachery and foul play to take place at Warwick Castle starting with John Dudley who was a great friend and confidant of Henry VIII and in 1847, the year of Henry’ death, named Earl of Warwick. After Henry’s death Dudley was the de facto ruler of England as Edward VI was too young and sickly to rule.

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