Who has lived in culzean castle?

Asa Crona asked a question: Who has lived in culzean castle?
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Culzean Castle originally belonged to the Kennedys, an ancient Scottish family descended from Robert the Bruce. There was a stone tower house here in the 16th century, and various Kennedys over the centuries made their mark on the castle with improvements and alterations.

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Culzean Castle (/ kʌˈleɪn / kul-AYN, see yogh; Scots: Cullain) is a castle overlooking the Firth of Clyde, near Maybole, Carrick, on the Ayrshire coast of Scotland. It is the former home of the Marquess of Ailsa, the chief of Clan Kennedy, but is now owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

Culzean Castle is a castellated country house mainly by Robert Adam (built 1777-1812) with extensions by Wardrop and Reid (1875-9). It shares a cliff-top setting with the adjacent Stable Court (main building c.1750 and 1785) and the nearby, converted Home Farm (1787).

Culzean Castle is a magnificent Robert Adam mansion, largely built in the 18th century but incorporating an earlier castle at its core. There is thought to have been a castle at Culzean since at least the 12th century, although exactly when it was built and what form it took is unknown. It

Robert Adam’s cliff-top masterpiece rises above a world of woods, beaches, secret follies and play parks. Discover 40 buildings and secret follies in this country park, including the magnificent cliff-top castle. Don’t miss Robert Adam’s Oval Staircase – the dramatic centrepiece of the castle. Explore the woods, beaches, parkland, Swan Pond, deer ...

Culzean Castle. Culzean Castle, pronounced Calain, is situated about 13 miles south of Ayr, by the A719 road. This is the top visitor attraction in the southwest of Scotland, run by the National Trust for Scotland since 1945. The largest Kennedy Castle in Ayrshire.

The Talking Guide App guides you from room to room, giving you an overview of the people that lived and worked at the castle and the estate. We’ve created a detailed Accessibility Guide for Culzean Castle to assist with your visit. Independent visitor reviews of accessibility at Culzean can be found on the Euan’s Guide website.

Culzean Castle, the country park, Home Farm Kitchen and shop, the garden and toilet facilities are open daily*. Please see the Planning Your Visit section for more information. Please note pre-booking is NOT required! *On Fri 30 July the castle will be closed for a wedding, and Home Farm Kitchen will be takeaway only (closing at 4pm).

Culzean Castle has changed a lot from its original structure, a modest stone tower house built in the 16 th-century. It was the home of the Culzean Kennedys, one of Scotland’s oldest families and descendants of Robert the Bruce. When Thomas Kennedy became the 9 th Earl of Cassillis in 1762, he had already begun modernizing Culzean. He decided not to move to the primary Cassillis family home, but instead to stay at Culzean and continue to renovate the property.

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