Who played president petrov in house of cards?

Mia Effertz asked a question: Who played president petrov in house of cards?
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Lars Mikkelsen portrays Russian president Viktor Petrov starting in the third season of House of Cards. He was born May 6, 1964 in Gladsaxe near Copenhagen, Denmark, and he is the older brother of actor Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal television series, Casino Royale).


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🏘 Who plays president in house of cards?

  • Netflix Getting a job on “ House of Cards ” was a family affair for actor Michael Gill, who plays President Garrett Walker on the Netflix series. No sooner had he been called in for an audition to play Kevin Spacey’s foil than his wife, actress Jayne Atkinson, wanted in on the action.

🏘 Does claire become president on house of cards?

Season 6. The sixth season begins four months later. Claire is President, with Usher as her Vice President.

🏘 What president is house of cards based on?

Although the character is based on the BBC show's lead character, in interviews during the writing and filming of season 2, creator and showrunner Willimon said that he used Lyndon B. Johnson as a source of themes and issues addressed in House of Cards.

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The Netflix series is based on a British miniseries which in turn is based on a book by Michael Dobbs called House of Cards. Dobbs wrote two sequels which were also adapted into miniseries. The title is from a framing device used in the first book but none of the TV versions.

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— U.S. Constitution, Article II, section 4

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