Why are there so many castles in spain?

Chelsey Rath asked a question: Why are there so many castles in spain?
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You can find many modern castles or forts in Spain. These Cuarteles de la Guardia Civil served as barracks and short term prisons for the Guardia Civil, the police force attached to the army. They mostly served a similar purpose, they consolidated the power of the dictatorship in regions that may have been hostile.

  • They were designed to withstand sieges from everyone from Moorish invaders to the king in the next province. Sometimes royalty lived in them for brief periods, but more often their residents were political prisoners of the reigning ruler. To visit the castles in Spain is to understand medieval military might. 10. Lorca Castle Where to Stay
  • Castles in Spain were built mainly for defensive purposes. During the Middle Ages, northern Christian kingdoms had to secure their borders with their Muslim southern neighbours, thus forcing both Christian and Muslim kings to grant border fiefs to their liege noblemen so as to keep and maintain defensive fortresses.
  • There are more castles in Spain than in any other European country, and that is because of the Spanish history. In 711 the Arabs invaded Spain. Spain was a conglomeration of little states and cities, and most important of all, they were not united.

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In fact some believe that one of the reasons that there are so few castles left standing in Galicia is because many were destroyed by rioters and bands of thieves. You can find many modern castles or forts in Spain.

The phrase to build castles in the air, or in Spain, means to form unattainable projects. While castles in the air is self-explanatory, castles in Spain requires some elucidation. It first appeared in The Romaunt of the Rose , a partial translation into Middle English, made in the time of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer (circa 1342-1400), of Le Roman de la rose :

List of castles in Spain Andalucía. The Alhambra of Granada. Alcazaba of Málaga. Gibralfaro Castle, Málaga. Aragón. Principality of Asturias. Basque Country. Balearic Islands. Canary Islands. Cantabria. Castile and León. Castile-La Mancha. Castle of Almansa. Catalonia. Extremadura. Castle ...

Spain is a country rich in history and is renowned for its Christian monarchy. Due to its turbulent past and fighting between kings, lots of castles were established in the making. It was rumoured that there used to be 10,000. In the past, everyone wanted to have their castle to protect them and house them safely.

Due to the very rich medieval history of the country, there is an impressive number of castles in Spain. In fact, Spain is one of the country with the most castles in Europe! The first question you’re probably asking yourself is: How many castles are in Spain? There are currently over 2,500 castles in Spain, scattered all over the country.

Because many of the developments were built in semi-remote locations, many Spaniards have forgotten they exist; part of Redondo's goal is to remind his fellow countrymen of the consequences of ...

Far from the tarmac, exhaust fumes and skyscrapers peculiar to city life, there is an alternative lifestyle to be had in more than 3,000 deserted villages in Spain, above all in Galicia, Castilla y León, Aragón and Asturias. Though many can’t be sold due to the lack of basic paperwork, hundreds are on the market, seeking a second chance in the shape of a new owner to light their fires and provide the patter of feet through their streets.

They were able to do so thanks to their advances in technology and military, and built many castles over time which they used not only for defense, but also for administrative purposes – the same way we might use a government office today.

Just why does Spain have so many castles? While many of the Islamic castles and palaces date back much longer, most of Spain's castles were built during the rather lengthy Reconquest, in which the Spain's Christian monarchy little by little took back what the Moors had been ruling for years- up to nearly 900 years in some parts! Constant fighting and fears of retaliation sparked quite the castle-building craze.

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