Why is jagex nerfing castle wars boosting...?

Judd Wisozk asked a question: Why is jagex nerfing castle wars boosting...?
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🏘 Castle wars 2?

Castle Wars 2 Awesome turn based strategic card game with unlockable cards and multi-player mode. Castle Wars 2 is the sequel to Castle wars, and is a very addictive card game where your goal is to crush your enemy's castle or be the first to build a 100 storey castle.

🏘 Castle wars cc?

Hey guys, so about a year ago I first heard of a community youtube channel called the castle wars community.The CWC is a very small community of dedicated pl...

🏘 Castle wars osrs?

A Castle wars bracelet is a bracelet that aids the player in Castle Wars. It is obtained by casting Lvl-2 Enchant on an emerald bracelet. When players are wielding this item at the moment they enter the game, they do an extra 20% damage against a bearer of a flag, and bandages heal 50% more.

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Ok so, to start off, i know that a minigame is made to be played but boosting hurts no1. removing boosting is only going to make all cwars worlds filled with afkers. let people who just want rewards grind them out, people who play for fun would not be mad especially since boosting was not added to devalue rewards, it already existed. obviously, if this was backwards, i would never vote in boosting but since it exists, it hurts no1 to keep it.

Players can go on your team in the Castle Wars minigame and place barricades in terrible spots (thus wasting them since your team can only place 10) which means you can't use them to defend with. People have been doing this for months (it makes the game really annoying/not fun to play) and OP (and others) have requested Jagex do something to the people doing it, with no results (despite it ...

They haven't done anything about castle wars ragging, why would they do something about someone giving 9usd a month or supporting bonds for boosting CWs. 2. Share. Report Save. level 2. OP · 5y. Guy who lost his Primordials :(Ok cool. Thanks. Too bad it's impossible to find other people since the boosting cc's dont exist anymore.

Castle Wars boosting worlds (current) 43-50, 36-60, 50-27, 60-19, 27-28, 19-20, 28-43, 20-36, Is the current world list for boosting castle wars. Feel free to do it for free, or crash or whatever. 13 comments. share. save. hide. report. 33% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be ...

Posted August 20, 2015. Clan Chat - 4 o 8 That's the letter o and not a zero. 20 tickets per hour with this method, 15 hours = Halo. Come get your castle wars gear! Share this post.

Clone Wars 3.0 at the G.E. right now w370 by [deleted] in 2007scape ... Why is everything crashing? (self.2007scape) ... Why is jagex nerfing castle wars boosting...??? by GodswordPlay in 2007scape. Kriptun 0 points 1 point 2 points 4 years ago What this ...

The issue with this requirement is currently most people attempting to complete this, simply AFK inside Castle Wars or on the current minigame spotlight. This is not a challenging requirement, it is just a huge time sink. While AFKing this creates certain problems within Castle Wars, teams become unbalanced as AFK players are simply leeching, ...

So tell me, why didn't you poll the original question, which suggested to buff the ticket rates to 5, 15 and 2 … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

another one.

They need to nerf the halos and the range armour so that pures dont feel obligated to afk games, ruining it for the people that actually want to play. Just another what were they thinking on jagex's part. Castle wars rewards need to stay purely cosmetic or else they get filled with players not participating, and that completely ruins the experience.

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Is castle wars dead?

Yes it's dead. I checked p2p the other day and there was no one waiting in the portals.

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Play castle wars online?

Kongregate free online game Castlewars - Castlewars is a turn based card game where your goal is to be the first to build a 100 storey .... Play Castlewars

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What is castle wars?

  • Castle Wars is a minigame released by Jagex in December 2004. It is similar to Capture the Flag, but with a RuneScape twist. The official worlds for Castle Wars are 34 and 54 for P2P, and 83 for F2P. Castle Wars is one of the most popular minigames in RuneScape. On July 20 2017, it was made Free-to-play,...

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Ava's accumulator in castle wars?

People, if you have a flippin avas accumulator or attractor, use it on Lanthus (literally the only NPC inside the lobby), go through a quick chat to get the accumulator effect activated inside the game. Sick and tired to making bills from picking up your iron arrows in castle wars. A rich man's woes now put into words.

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Can you afk castle wars?

Castle Wars

Freeloaders just stand around (and some of them AFK) the arena doing nothing and still claim the rewards of a participating player. Castle Wars freeloading is similar to Soul Wars freeloading before the update.

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Castle wars halo rs3 - fumo?

Is there a way to program a color-changing border that looks like an RGB light strip?

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Castle wars halo worth it?

This video explains the Castle Wars Reward items with their stats, costs, uses and also how long it takes to get each one! Enjoy!Clip of the day goes to Ciid...

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Castle wars tickets p/hr?

UPDATE SINCE LOBBY TIMER CHANGES:The main account still has to enter lobby with 14 minutes remaining on timer. The tickets per hour remains at 12.85.Your 2nd...

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Castle wars: what is it?

Castle Wars (Previously F2P Wars) is a combat-orientated mini-game that is similar to "Capture the Flag". It is located west of Yanille. 1 Travel 2 Objective 3 Requirements 4 How to Play 5 Rewards 6 Trivia Castle Wars is found in the South-West corner of Kandarin and may be accessed via the Minigame Teleport found in the spellbook. You can also make your way to Castle Wars by traveling west ...

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Does anyone play castle wars?

Barely anyone plays this game anymore, the few that do are concentrated at prif. If you want to see a lot people then it's either world 2 or world 84 (lumbridge). In burthrope, G.E and priff. Well any common skilling spot aswell on these worlds.

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Does castle wars give xp?

castle crashers remastered

10hp ironmen do not gain xp within minigames, so these very niche 10hp normie accounts you are talking about are a very unique exception to consider.

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Is castle wars a member?

"CW" redirects here. Castle Wars is a combat-based, members-only minigame similar to Capture the flag but with a RuneScape twist…

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Teak trees near castle wars?

Teak trees can be found in these locations: South-west of Castle Wars (one only) Scattered around the Kharazi Jungle (dangerous area) South-east Ape Atoll ( poisonous spiders and snakes in the area are always aggressive unless wearing a greegree or the... Mos Le'Harmless (2, each one on 2 small ...

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Can we make castle wars events?

I would like to pose a castle wars event for next Sunday that may last around 2 hours. I would like to have a good amount of players there and we can have 2 players to be team captains and pick their teams. I would also suggest that we have it some rounds on a legacy only world and some on an eoc...

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Can we make castle wars permanent?

Then if you dont play Castle Wars your argument is not valid, Castle Wars was never permanent, so seems you only want to say random things, for the next time you can tell the popuulation of the gametypes that you play like super fiestaThat's not how it work buddy. My argument is valid because it comes right from 343.

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Can you alch during castle wars?

The only way that the spell can be used against other players is during the Castle Wars, Soul Wars and TzHaar Fight Pit minigames, as well as the Clan Wars minigame if the clan leaders enable it. The Sanguinesti staff can be combined with a holy ornament kit to make a Saradomin-themed holy Sanguinesti staff.

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Can you alch in castle wars?

So in a realistic scenario where you duel them and win 50% of the time, they will end up with more gold than you due to the X% amounts. Alot of them increase their X percentage depending on the amount of the stake, and people who are addicted to staking do not care about small percentages, because they’re just excited about the thrill of their next win, and there lies the cause of the cycle.

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Can you alchemy in castle wars?

Alchemy can be done by first going to the Keep tab (found under the Castle Age banner), and clicking the Alchemy Tab. The Alchemy Tab keeps track of most of your alchemical components.

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Can you boost in castle wars?

Boosts your skills when drunk. A Castlewars brew is a potion exclusive to Castle Wars. It provides the boosts from a super combat potion, a ranging potion and imbued heart at once.

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Can you fletch in castle wars?

The Dwarf multicannon cannot be brought into Castle Wars.

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Castle wars, can it be better?

So you definitely want to rebuild your base for war and improve your defenses. Also, the Clan Castle is extremely important during the war as it gives you additional …

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