Why is okumura's palace considered the worst?

Rosemary Hegmann asked a question: Why is okumura's palace considered the worst?
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🏘 How long is okumuras palace?

I found it to be as long as the other places, except for Kamoshida’s... to me, it was around the same length as Kaneshiro’s? It picks up after you find an ID card. 2

🏘 Why is okumuras palace so hated?

Boards. Persona 5. Okumura's Palace Is Worst. User Info: Blitz_kid_. Blitz_kid_ 4 years ago #1. The safe rooms are so far apart. Those little robots with triple down have caused me so many Game Overs. The search for the ID Cards is tedious too. I think this might be my most disliked palace so far.

🏘 How many hours in is okumuras palace?

You have thirty (30) minutes to complete this fight. During this fight, you will face progressively harder waves of enemies of four at a time. However, they aren't limited to coming in waves. If you kill three but one remains, then Shadow Okumura will call in the next three based on what you have not defeated.

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Just because a game is great doesn't mean every aspect is perfect. Join Oziach in a way-too-long video essay as he discusses the biggest flaw in Persona 5 in...

Second Palace - Enjoyed this one since it's thieves in moderns times stealing a painting with all fo modern technology's benefits. Third Palace - You actually get to rob a bank so that's another thing Thieves are likely to want break into. Fourth Palace - A tomb is probably the oldest form of stealing since people would want the riches.

I don't get why people hate this boss so much.Because they suck at the game and brute forced their way through. Okumura forces you to actually use the mechanics for once. But instead of acknowledging their lack of skill, it's just easier to claim the boss is bad.

Personally i hate most of the dungeons, absolutely despising Kamoshida's, disliking Kaneshiros, barely able to stand Futaba's and mildly enjoying Madarame's, i thought this one was a huge breath of fresh air (ironic as its in space) and, so far, the best one in the game.

Reasons why Okumura's palace sucks. *It's too long *Has some of the most annoying puzzles in the game like the running against the clock one *Really tedious enemies *One enemy is next to impossible to avoid when you get to the space ports (there's nowhere to hide and you have to fight it,) and can be a hassle if you are playing in hard

In terms of difficulty I'd say the first Palace is the hardest especially if you're trying to complete it in one day as the SP conservation makes it way harder than it needs to be especially since...

Persona 5. Okumura's Palace Is Worst. User Info: Blitz_kid_. Blitz_kid_ 4 years ago #1. The safe rooms are so far apart. Those little robots with triple down have caused me so many Game Overs. The search for the ID Cards is tedious too. I think this might be my most disliked palace so far. And physical moves are basically useless in this Palace.

The worst ones are definitely the last two robots, because of their affinities and their large HP: they're weak to Wind and Bless and Psy and Curse respectively. Notice anything? During Okumura's Palace, you lack ways to consistently deal high Bless and Curse damage, unless you managed to fuse or get Personas that have these affinities.

I'm not sure I expressed my idea on it properly, but basically, the same way the part where you have to find the trains to get to school early in the game was done to make you feel lost in a new city, I almost think the Okumura palace was meant to make you feel detached, like the thieves were somewhat detached from their justice at that point.

Okumura arc sucks balls indeed but it is instrumental for the story. The Morgana tantrum is actually important not only for him but because it shows that despite everything Ryuji cares about him...

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