Why was the kansas city workhouse called a castle?

Walker Stamm asked a question: Why was the kansas city workhouse called a castle?
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  • Some castles are built to keep people in -- and the Kansas City Workhouse is one example. Constructed as a jail for petty offenders in 1897, part of their sentence included work, which is how it landed the name Kansas City Workhouse. Intrigued? Read more here! 4. Pythian Castle Pythian Castle was built in 1913.


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The Kansas City Workhouse, also known as the "Vine Street Workhouse", is located at 21st and Vine in Kansas City, Missouri. It was also called "Brant's Castle", after Major Alfred Brant, Superintendant of the Kansas City Workhouse. What is a workhouse you might ask? It is a prison facility for petty criminals to work off their sentences. The workhouse was built in 1897 to replace the…

City Work House, Frontal and Side View. 1900 Built in 1897 with the title of “workhouse castle,” it held mostly petty offenders, vagrants and debtors. As a part of their sentence these inmates were...

aoc-arrow-forward. Sitting dead-eyed and empty in a historic portion of Kansas City, Missouri, the mouldering medieval-styled Kansas City Workhouse looks like it comes from a different time period ...

Prisoners Working in the City's Quarry The confinement of vagrants and petty criminals, however, is not the only use to which “Brant’s Castle,” as it has been called, will be put. The fact is that in the future it may not be used as a work-house at all, but will become a boy’s reformatory. It is a mile within the city limits now.

workhouse 1. This castle in the middle of Kansas City was once home to the city’s finest imprisoned criminals. The Work House, 2001 Vine St. (also known as Brant’s Castle, named after the prison’s original superintendent), was built in 1897 to relieve overcrowding at nearby prisons. The prison could hold 120 men and women, who were forced to work ...

Hotels near City Workhouse Castle: (1.65 mi) Jefferson House Bed and Breakfast (1.70 mi) Inn at 425 (1.35 mi) Crossroads Hotel (1.31 mi) Ambassador Hotel Kansas City, Autograph Collection (1.12 mi) Home2 Suites Kansas City Downtown; View all hotels near City Workhouse Castle on Tripadvisor

City workhouse castle (Vine Street workhouse castle, Brant Castle) is a city historical register site located at 2001 Vine Street in Kansas City, Missouri.This is within the 18th and Vine Jazz District, which has been referred to as America's third most recognized street after Broadway and Hollywood Boulevard due to the legacy of Kansas City jazz music.

An abandoned old jail in Kansas City, Missouri Workhouse Castle vintage post card by: Dave on Flickr The Workhouse castle, also called “Brant’s Castle,” after Major Alfred Brant, Superintendent of the Kansas City Jail, was originally built in 1897 to in-prison petty criminals.

This beauty you see here is called the Workhouse, a castle that's been abandoned since the 70s. The Workhouse - Kansas City Historic Castle Facebook This urban fortress was built in 1897 and designed by A. Wallace Love and James Oliver Hog. It was first used as a city jail for petty offenders such as thieves or debtors.

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An abandoned old jail in Kansas City, Missouri. The Workhouse castle, also called “Brant’s Castle,” after Major Alfred Brant, Superintendent of the Kansas City Jail, was originally built in 1897 to in-prison petty criminals. It may look like a royal castle, but it was the grand new city workhouse jail, built in the castellated style.

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The Sauer Castle is an Italianate home in Kansas City, Kansas built in 1871 and completed in 1873. It was designed by famed architect Asa Beebe Cross.[2] It was the residence of Anton Sauer. Sauer had married his wife Francesca in Vienna, Austria at age eighteen and a half. There, they had their five children: Gustave O.L., Anthony Philip Jr ...

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  • Bothwell lodge is a historic state property that began it's 31 year construction period in 1890. It was built atop two of Missouri's 6,400 caves by a Sedalia lawyer John Homer Bothwell. 3. Kansas City, Missouri Some castles are built to keep people in and the Kansas City Workhouse is one example.

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Castle Rock is about 12 miles south of I-70 between Quinter and Collyer, Kansas. The Kansas countryside gets much wilder as soon as you get away from I-70. This interesting chalk formation is on private range land.

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