Will the abc new show deception bring back castle fans?

Alva Bins asked a question: Will the abc new show deception bring back castle fans?
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Even its most recent iteration, Nexo Knights, blends swords and sorcery with high tech vehicles and computerized castles, as if Lego castle and space themes had a baby together. Now that Nexo Knights have been officially retired, Lego castle fans look expectantly to the future, hoping their knights in shining, plastic armor will appear on horseback over the horizon, ready to save the day.

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The source for all your LEGO Castle needs! ... Please bring back the Castle/Kingdom non-license line. by Sir Erathor » Tue Sep 16, 2014 4:57 am . Yes, I would love another Kingdoms-style theme, not too fantastical, with two cool-looking warring factions. The new ones looked just a bit too childish, IMO. The Kingdoms Lions are my all-time ...

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Castle fans won't have long to mourn the show's demise. That show's creator, Andrew Marlowe, has a very similar-sounding procedural, Take Two, launching on ABC next month. And Castle star Nathan Fillion has his own (not entirely dissimilar) newcomer arriving this

The ABC new show Deception can’t replace what Castle was for its fans. Â At the same time, Castle can’t be resuscitated. Â Anyone thinking that needs to let it go. Â For one thing, Castle ...

Unfortunately, there isn’t any great news for the fans as it shows up that ABC is identified to terminate the show. This has actually created a great deal of drama online and also people have actually currently started a petition to maintain the program active, Also, Check out the latest updates of Last Man Standing Finale!

The Heart of Castle’s Back: MilMar Pictures’ TV Series Take Two is at ABC November 18, 2017 Castle , TV News Stana Katic’s New Show Absentia Has a US Home – It’s Amazon!

While the show attracted viewers, especially those who missed the comfortable and funny vibes of ‘Castle’, it received mostly negative responses. This prompted ABC to cancel the show on May 11, 2018. Though, fans should not lose all their hopes. There’s still a remote possibility that some other network picks up the show.

Deception (Sunday, 10/9c, ABC): Don’t be surprised if ABC ends up with a bigger sleeper hit in its latest attempt to conjure the next Castle.

Monday TV Show Ratings: Carrie Diaries, Deception, Bachelor, Castle, Bones, Hawaii Five-0, HIMYM January 15, 2013; Deception: Why Just 11 Episodes? January 9, 2013

Q: I know that ABC's “Deception” has been canceled. Any chance of it being brought back on another station? I just loved this show!-- ROBIN, PITTSBURGH. Rob: ABC canceled “Deception” in May and it’s highly unlikely another network will pick up this low-rated series. ABC will try again with another “Castle”-like light procedural, “Take Two” (10 p.m. June 21).

Deception was a great show. I think it would have picked up more people in the 2nd season. NBC never gave it a chance. Bring it back in the summer and reshow the season, see if it does better.

The new Bachelor in Paradise 2021 cast has been revealed! Get stoked for the 2-night series premiere of "The Ultimate Surfer" August 23 & 24 Premiere dates for the upcoming Fall TV Season on ABC are here.

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